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What should be listed on a bridal shower invitation?

Bridal Shower Invitation Information

Bridal shower invitations should be mailed three to four weeks before the event. If you are wondering what the standard of information is for the invitations, read the following guidelines:

  • Name of the bride-to-be.

  • Date of the shower.

  • Time of the shower. For example, 2 p.m - 5 p.m. (It's best to put both the start & end time so guests can plan their day) .

  • Address where the shower is being held (and it is helpful to include a map with directions).

  • Name and phone number of the hostess/hostesses.

  • A deadline date for the RSVP. (This is usually about two weeks prior to the shower date.)

  • Bridal shower theme (if applicable).

  • Home decorating colors (if applicable).

  • Where the couple is registered

Note: most etiquette experts will tell you that while it is acceptable to list the stores where a couple is registered on a bridal shower invitation, it is tacky to list this in a wedding invitation.

What are some ideas for bridal shower party gifts or favors?

Bridal Shower Party Favor Ideas

At most bridal showers, the bride isn't the only one who goes home with a gift -- the guests get a gift too. Here are some ideas for bridal shower party gifts or favors, courtesy of party supply companies:

  • Candies in a decorative box

  • Small frames

  • Small plants (wrap fabric around the pot and tie with a personalized ribbon)

  • Soaps

  • Lotions

  • Candles

  • Coasters

  • Potpourri Sachet

  • Manicure set

  • Mini photo album

  • Luggage tags

  • Ceramic shakers

  • Cookies

  • Napkin rings

  • Bath salts

  • Travel mirror

  • Bottle stopper

  • Small vases

  • Letter opener

What are some bridal shower games that can be played?

Bridal Shower Games

There are many bridal shower games designed to keep guests entertained while the bride opens her gifts. One of the most popular is bridal shower Bingo, in which guests mark off gifts on their Bingo card as they are opened until they have Bingo. But there are other ways to have fun. There are bridal shower scratch off cards, trivia about the bride and groom, crossword puzzles, a book guests can fill with words of wisdom about marriage and raffle tickets in which door prizes are given out. Discuss with your bride or the bridal party which ideas best fit your party.

What is the easiest way to make bridal invitations at home?

Ideas for Store Bought and Homemade Bridal Invitations

Your bridal shower invitation will set the style and tone of your event. Whether you choose to make your own or order them from a company, the possibilities are endless.

There are many companies eager to print your bridal shower invitations. The type of invitation can range from very casual to very formal. Bridal shower invitations can be made featuring flowers, hearts, champagne glasses, bows, a beach theme, the ocean, a wedding cake ... the sky is the limit.

If you want to make your own, start early to give yourself enough time to change your mind or correct any mistakes. Look for ideas by browsing through invitation catalogs or go to a store that sells and makes invitations for inspiration.

There are invitation kits that you can buy for your home computer. Often the invitations they feature are already decorated and all you have to do is fill in the information. This is an economical and time-saving way to create invitations. Make the designs your own by punching holes in the top and running a ribbon along the edge or putting a stamp with the bride and groom's initials on the corner.

If you are starting from scratch, go to a paper store and browse the paper selections. Buy several samples so you can play around with a few ideas before deciding on one. If you want a wide array of fonts to choose from, many office supply stores offer a CD for around $10 that includes hundreds of fonts you can choose from.

What are some bridal shower party themes?

Themed Bridal Shower Gifts

There is an endless array of gift ideas for the themed bridal shower. Themed bridal showers can really make a bride feel special because you are targeting her special interests. For the bride who loves to garden, gifts can include seeds and potted plants. For the bride who loves to cook, gifts can be limited to cook books, spatulas and other kitchen tools.

If you like the idea of hosting a themed bridal shower, here are some theme ideas to help you decide which fits the bride in your life. Just make sure you make it known on the invitation that there is a theme and guests should try to stay within that theme when choosing a gift.

China and glassware theme - gifts can be china, crystal, kitchen glassware, vases, candles

Entertainment theme - gifts can be a punch bowl, chafing dish, wine rack, wine and bar glasses, ice bucket, elegant coasters

Honeymoon theme - gifts can be luggage, foreign dictionaries, reading materials, prepaid calling cards, camera

Outdoor theme - gifts can be camping or hiking items

Lingerie theme - gifts can be night gowns, garters, sexy bras and sexy panties

Spa and beauty theme - gifts can be incense, bath beads, cosmetics, perfume, lotions, manicure kit, massage gift certificate

24-7 theme - guests are given a time of day -- morning, afternoon, evening - and bring a gift the bride can use during that time of day. For example, a morning gift could be a bathrobe or espresso maker; an afternoon gift could be a purse or jewelry and an evening gift could be lingerie or music.

What are some of the most popular wedding party gifts this year?

Wedding Party Gifts

Your bridesmaids work tirelessly to ensure your special day is spectacular. For all their hard work, they deserve a fabulous gift. But what would they want? Here are some ideas from the experts.

The most popular wedding party gifts or bridesmaid gifts in 2006, according to are:

  • Embroidered jewelry roll
  • Terry cloth spa slippers
  • Embroidered cosmetic bag
  • Monogrammed tote bags
  • Crystal initial handbag
  • Engraved satin finish compact
  • Color drop earrings

What are some games to play at a bridal shower

Bridal Shower Game Ideas

CLOTHES PIN GAME 1) Provide each guest with a tiny clothes pin. 2) Select a few "key" words like marriage, wedding, etc. 3) During the shower if you hear someone saying one of the key words, you get to take their clothes pin. They are still able to play. 4) The object of the game is to be holding the most clothes pins at the end of the shower. The winner gets a prize.

What´s a good bridal shower theme idea?

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

This is a great idea for small showers. Assign a different marriage-related or household theme to each guest and have them fill a basket with appropriate items. Examples:

*Kitchen basket (garlic press, baster, dish towels, measuring cups, etc.)

*Garden basket (flower seeds, gardening gloves, trowel)

*Romance basket (dinner certificate, CDs, cookbooks)

*Picnic basket (bottle of champagne, certificate to grocery store for deli items, book of poetry)

*Entertainment basket (theater tickets, amusement park coupons, videos)

What are some games to play at a bridal shower

Bridal Shower Game Ideas - Memory Game

1. Choose 10 items and place on a serving tray. (Items can be anything for the new bride. They can be anything from household items to items for her to use on her honeymoon. It all depends on how wild you would like to get. Make sure that the items will not offend anyone. :) 2. Provide each guest with a paper and pen. 3. Place a towel over the items and bring them into the center of the room. 4. Lift up the towel and count 10 seconds. 5. Place the towel back over the tray and remove the tray from the room. 6. The guests now have 1 minute to write down as many items that they can remember. 7. The guest who has the most correct answers wins a prize. 8. The bride to be now gets to keep all of the items.

When is the ideal time to host a bridal shower?

Bridal Shower Planning

The ideal time to host a bridal shower is six weeks before the wedding. You'll need about eight weeks to plan a formal bridal shower, less time if the bridal shower you are hosting will be casual. If the bridal shower is not a surprise, then talk with the bride about when she'd like to have the shower and if she'd like a certain theme. If the bridal shower is a surprise, get together with the bride's closest family and friends to decide on these factors.

A week before the shower, you should:

  • Prepare anything that can be frozen ahead

  • Call anyone who has not responded to the invitation

  • Check all recipes and buy the ingredients

  • Either clean your home or hire someone to do it

  • If you will need extra refrigerator space, call a neighbor

  • Decide what you are wearing, making sure it is pressed and ready to wear

  • Fill in place cards for those attending

The day before the shower, make sure you:

  • Purchase, pick up, or make the rest of the food on your menu

  • Check your home for last minute cleaning

  • Set up extra chairs for guests

  • Check to be sure you have enough ice

  • Try to set up a spot to display the bride's gifts

  • Check to see what time the flowers will be delivered or pick them up yourself

  • Have plastic trash bag ready for wrappings

  • Provide a pad and pen for list of gifts and who gave them (one of the bridesmaids usually writes the list)

What are some gift ideas for the Bridal Party?

Wedding Party Gift Ideas

This is a great functional gift for the Groomsmen. A medium sized cooler in a fun round shape can be filled with all kinds of things. For the golfer type, put in some golf balls, tees and maybe a six-pack. For the other sports enthusiasts, tickets to a game, an inexpensive volleyball, football or even a bobble head of their favorite player ( tip within the tip - you might have to deflate the sports ball to fit in the cooler).

Should I buy flowers in season?

Selecting Flowers In Season for Wedding Party Decorations

Stick with flower that are in season. Yes, it can be exciting and dramatic to astound your guests with tulips in October or peonies in December, but flowers in season are always cheaper. Tulips in the spring and dahlias in the fall don't need to be boring with all the styles and varieties available these days. Rather than being set on a specific flower, shoot for a mood, a feeling, that helps bring your party's theme together. Examine the seasonal bounty from a new perspective.

What are some bridal shower themes?

Themed Bridal Showers

Some bridal shower theme ideas include:

*kitchen (gifts are kitchen oriented)
*Food and entertainment (gifts are certificates to local restaurants, movie passes, movie rental certificates, etc.)
*Romantic honeymoon (gifts can include romantic books, candles, oils, bubble baths, etc.)

Why would you hesitate to plan a surprise bridal shower?

Why Surprise Bridal Showers Can Be a Bad Idea

Do you have your heart set on planning a surprise bridal shower for the bride in your life? Check the following factors first to see if you might be making a mistake. Wedding experts advise against making the bridal shower a surprise unless you are sure of the following:

  • The bride-to-be will not be disappointed that she has not been informed of the shower beforehand
  • You are confident that your guest list includes everyone the bride-to-be would have invited had she been consulted
  • The bride-to-be has registered for shower gifts
  • The bride will not schedule another event on the planned date

What are some bridal shower themes?

This Is My Wedding!

Who's getting married here anyway? This is your day. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Pick what you like. Pick something that says something about you and your partner. Let it reflect who you are, your personality. Have fun!

Can you suggest some centerpieces that can double as favors?

Engagement Party Favors

For your bridal shower party favors or your next engagement party favors, check out your garden center before the flower shop. Living plants can often be cheaper in the long run. And check this out - no last minute running around, you can pick them up a few days before the party, and they can double as your party favor. The possibilities for enhancing your parties theme with live plants is endless.

Orchids in pots make excellent party centerpieces that guests will be thrilled with as favors and they seem to come down in price every year. Just last week I saw beautiful orchids at Home Depot for $9.99! And these were already in terracota pots. With florists charging upwards of $50 per centerpiece, if you see a deal like this don't pass it by. Alternate large, identical (and I don't say identical for nothing - orchids are reproduced through cloning!) orchids with candles down the center of a table, or group different sizes, shapes and colors as a living party centerpiece.

How do I plan a Jack and Jill bridal shower?

Jack and Jill Bridal Showers

Don't leave the bridegroom out of your bridal shower party. A co-ed shower is typically called a "Jack and Jill" shower. This could be a barbecue at the park, beach, or in your back yard.

A popular theme for a Jack and Jill shower is a western or barbecue themed shower. Barbecue-themed bridal shower invitations and decorations are easy and set a relaxed tone. You'll find bridal party supplies galore. Have fun with checkered tablecloths, party lights, and props that draw attention to the bridal couple. It's easy to customize western hats for the bride and groom. Wrap white tulle around hers and a black bandanna around his. The father of the bride could wear a sheriff's badge.

Keep the food simple with hamburgers, beans, potato salad, chocolate cake, and plenty of iced-down drinks. The happy couple will appreciate getting party gifts like a barbecue pit, chef's apron, barbecue tongs, checkered hot mitts, grilling cookbooks and lounge chairs. Even charcoal, lighter and barbecue sauce will come in handy after they're married.

What are some gift ideas for the Bridal Party?

Wedding Party Gifts

This is a great functional gift for the Groomsmen. A medium sized cooler in a fun round shape can be filled with all kinds of things. For the golfer type, put in some golf balls, tees and maybe a six-pack. For the other sports enthusiasts, tickets to a game, an inexpensive volleyball, football or even a bobble head of their favorite player ( tip within the tip - you might have to deflate the sports ball to fit in the cooler).

What is an appropriate gift for an engagement party?

Engagement Party Gifts

For engagement party gifts, you will want to take something for the couple. A nice idea would be to make a basket with wine, cheese, crackers, etc. You may also add a nice pair of wine glasses.

What are some wedding party supplies that are common at many weddings?

Common Wedding Party Supplies

For the actual wedding day, there are wedding party supplies that most couples need to complete certain rituals at the ceremony and reception. For example, some common wedding party supplies include programs, unity candles, favors or party gifts, guest books, garters, keepsake items guests sign such as a quilt, frame matting or dish, bathroom baskets full of items such as hairspray, mints and safety pins, toasting glasses, cake knives and table centerpieces.

Couples take from these common ideas and also run with their own ideas. Either way, party supply companies will be able to answer your requests and meet your demands.

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