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Can I have a party in a coffee shop?

The Perfect Coffee Lovers Party

If your friends and family are coffee lovers, why not host your next party at the neighborhood coffee shop; Comfy chairs, light music, the heavenly aroma of coffee combine to create an aromatic atmosphere suitable for the most intimate of conversations and celebration. Your friends will find conversation easy as they discuss the merits of mocha cappuccino, herbal tea, soy latte or frozen white chocolate frappé and all the latest gossip. Encourage your guests to choose baked goods from the food case, delicious coffee creations or soothing herbal tea. As the party host, you will cover the expenses of your guests; a simplified way to host a party without having to bake, decorate or clean up.

What can I celebrate in July?

Summer Adult Party Ideas - August

So you want to have an themed adult party but don't know what to celebrate? Check out these special days for adult party ideas:


*National Catfish Month

*August 6-12 - National Smile Week (a 70's party)

*August 2 - Friendship Day

*August 5 - Sister's Day

*August 8 - Sneak Zucchini Day

*August 15 - Relaxation Day (Day Spa Party)

*August 16 - Watermelon Day

*August 18 - Bad Poetry Day

*August 21 - Hawaii Day luau

*August 22 - Be an Angel Day

*August 22 - Tooth Fairy Day

A spa party for women?

Day Spa Party

Looking for a great idea for a womens party, bachelorette party, a wedding or baby shower: Why not host a day spa themed party!

For a day spa themed party, intimacy and relaxation are the key elements, limit your guests to 7 or 8 close friends.

Invitations: Hand write the invitation on pretty stationary and spray lightly with perfume (aromatherapy!).

Send as is or wrap the invitation on the outside of a small washcloth (use raffia) and mail in a small box.

Adult party entertainment: Depending on your budget, you can hire a manicurist, a masseuse, play a meditation tape, organize a walk or hike, rent a yoga video, hire a nutrionist, play some relaxing music, mud facials (everyone could do their just supply the mix which can be bought at any day spa store).

Food: raw veggies and dip, salads (greens with chicken and tuna mix-ins), fresh fruit and yogurt dip, fruit juice, bottled water, yogurt shakes, smoothies, etc.

What can I do for an adult party?

Saddle Up and Celebrate with Western Party Ideas

Planning a Western Party is

Invitations in the shape of a cowboy boot, sheriff's badge or cowboy hat can be easily created with a computer, handdrawn template or by using a dye cut machine at your local craft store. If you prefer to purchase your invitations, an online search or visit to a local party store will provide many different ideas that are included in a western theme.

Decorations might include: red and white checkered table cloths, different colored bandanas for napkins, ceraminc tin service ware or purchase paper products in a red and white checked print or solid colors in red and white. Old lanterns, kerosene lamps, wildflower centerpieces make for colorful and realistic table decor. If you are able to visit a second hand or thrift store or Goodwill, search for old pairs of cowboy boots and vases that will sit down the leg portion of the boot. The more rugged and beat up the boot, the more authentic your "cowboy boot vases" will appear on the tables. As you create your vase, your first step is to fill the foot of the boot with sand or small gravel to provide stability, place vase in the leg cavity of the boot and place the wildflower bouquets into the boot. Add enough water to keep the plants healthy but not enough to tip the boot over.

Purchase or use serving dishes in solid colors that match your serviceware of purchase the ceramic painted tin servingware found in camping stores. The more "old fashioned" the print the more authentic the old west experience.

The menu could include such items as hamburgers, chili, cold beer and rootbeer, potato salad, and other basic bar-b-que items that are found in a summer menu.

Wanted Posters complete with pictures of the honored guest will make the party special.

Games might include card games, horseshoes (a plastic version can be purchsed for indoor play) and child's firing range game that includes a plastic log, plastic sasparilla bottles and a toy pistol.

Prizes/Gifts for the guests could include bubble-gum chewing tobacco, gold chocolate coins, cowboy hats and kerchiefs, fake turquoise jewelry, beef jerkey and sheriff's badges.

Background music is enjoyable if you play campfire songs or country-western music; ideal artists for an old fashioned western party might include Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette.

What can I celebrate in June?

Summer Adult Party Ideas - June

So you want to have a summer adult party but don't know what to celebrate? Check out these special days for ideas:


*Dairy Month (Have a milk marathon...milk shakes, mashed potatoes, chocolate milk, pork loin braised in milk)

*National Beef Steak Month (Have a steak barbeque)

*Turkey Lovers Month (Deep Fried Turkey, turkey burgers, Thanksgiving in June)

*National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month (How about a fruit and Veggie Tasting?)

*National Iced Tea Month

*National Frozed Yogurt Month

*Professional Bowling Association Championships

*Adopt a Cat Month

*Candy Month

*June 6 - Full Moon Day

*June 9 - Best Friend's Day

*June 14 - Flag Day

*June 18 - National Spluge Day

*June 21 - Summer Solstice

What can I celebrate in June?

Summer Adult Party Ideas - July

So you want to have a summer adult party but don't know what to celebrate? Check out these special calendar days for ideas:

*National Ice Cream Month

*National Baked Bean Month

*July 1 - International Joke Day

*July 2 - I Forgot Day

*July 4 - Independence Day (US)

*July 4 - Sidewalk Egg Frying Day (have an egg theme party - egg salad, deviled eggs, scramble egg tacos)

*July 5 - Full Moon Day (Howl at the Moon party)

*July 14 - Bastille Day (France)

*July 18 - Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Birthday (Have a hot dog festival)

*July 20 - Anniverary of man's first landing on the moon (space party, party of 1sts)

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