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What are foods to serve at a teen party?

Best Foods for Teen Parties

The best foods for teen parties are the grab and go kind: pizza, burgers, tacos, fried chicken and sub sandwiches.

What are some ideas for a teen party?

Parent Free Teenage Party

The word from parents and teens is that teens like supervised parties to be as parent-free as possible. Teens say as long as there's lots of food and music, they'll have fun and stay out of trouble.

Try giving your teen a room, like a closed-off den, basement or living room as the place for the party. Have lots of soda in the fridge, snacks like chips and dip, a portable CD player with a selection of pre-approved CDs and board games. Order pizza when it's time and for some this would make a great party.

How much food should I plan on serving?

More Foods for Teen Party

Teens tend to eat a lot. When you're purchasing food, figure that each teen will probably consume three to four cans of soda each, one to two servings of the main course and about 1/2 bag of snacks.

What´s a easy party food for a teen party?

Foods for Teen Party

Set up a taco bar and let the teens build their own tacos for an example of foods to serve for teen parties. Provide taco shells or tortillas, taco meat mixture, chopped tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, onions, hot sauce, salsa and sour cream.

What are some ideas for a teen party?

All Night Horror Show Party for Teens

This is a really fun party for your teenager.

Have guests bring their favorite horror movie. They should also dress as the main character (Jason - Friday the 13th; Michael - Halloween, etc.) Videos can be shown all night long.

Food can include pizza, sandwiches, chips and dip. You can decorate in a Halloween/Monster theme or just keep your house as is.

What are some ideas for a teen party?

70s Slumber Party Ideas

Girls will love this slumber party theme idea. It's a lot of fun and easy to put together.

Food: pizza, chips and dip, popcorn, nachos and cheese, sandwiches/beverages named after movie hits like Jawsbreakers, Godfather's Goodies, Archie Bunker Burgers.

Activities: paint tye dye t-shirts, paint pillowcases, watch 70's movies like Saturday Night Fever and Jaws, listen to disco music, stage a fashion show, hold a "gong" show (talent show).

What are some prizes I can offer at a teen party?

Party Prizes for Teens

Not sure what types of prizes to offer for teens? Try these:
Poster of the latest, hottest band
Gift certificate to video store

What are some unique gift ideas for teens?

Unique Gifts for Teens Birthday Parties

Tired of giving your teen the same old mall certificate, cd or movie as a gift? Here are some different and unique gift ideas for teens birthdays: homemade book of poems; a scrapbook of his or her early life; a audio tape or CD book featuring stories, poems or songs; a piece of grandma or grandpa's jewelry; an autographed picture from one of the teens favorite stars (it's not as hard as you think); a free pass for tv viewing for a week (he or she can watch whatever they want on the family tv).

What´s a good party game?

Games for Teenage Parties - Pick a Letter

Have everyone sit around in a circle. Pick any letter of the alphabet. Pick a subject (i.e., At the Zoo, Riding in the Car, etc.)

The first person uses the selected letter to create sentence for the beginning of a round robin-type story. The next person uses the next letter. Each player only has 10 seconds to come up with something.

For example, say the letter is M and the subject is At the Zoo:

First person: Monkeys are smelly.
Next person: No, I think it's the elephants.
Next person: Only girls would say that.
Next person: Please can we talk about something else!
Next person: Quails. Have you ever eaten one?

And so on.

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