Themed Bridal Shower Gifts

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What are some bridal shower party themes?

Themed Bridal Shower Gifts

There is an endless array of gift ideas for the themed bridal shower. Themed bridal showers can really make a bride feel special because you are targeting her special interests. For the bride who loves to garden, gifts can include seeds and potted plants. For the bride who loves to cook, gifts can be limited to cook books, spatulas and other kitchen tools.

If you like the idea of hosting a themed bridal shower, here are some theme ideas to help you decide which fits the bride in your life. Just make sure you make it known on the invitation that there is a theme and guests should try to stay within that theme when choosing a gift.

China and glassware theme - gifts can be china, crystal, kitchen glassware, vases, candles

Entertainment theme - gifts can be a punch bowl, chafing dish, wine rack, wine and bar glasses, ice bucket, elegant coasters

Honeymoon theme - gifts can be luggage, foreign dictionaries, reading materials, prepaid calling cards, camera

Outdoor theme - gifts can be camping or hiking items

Lingerie theme - gifts can be night gowns, garters, sexy bras and sexy panties

Spa and beauty theme - gifts can be incense, bath beads, cosmetics, perfume, lotions, manicure kit, massage gift certificate

24-7 theme - guests are given a time of day -- morning, afternoon, evening - and bring a gift the bride can use during that time of day. For example, a morning gift could be a bathrobe or espresso maker; an afternoon gift could be a purse or jewelry and an evening gift could be lingerie or music.



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