Bridal Shower Game Ideas - Memory Game

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What are some games to play at a bridal shower

Bridal Shower Game Ideas - Memory Game

1. Choose 10 items and place on a serving tray. (Items can be anything for the new bride. They can be anything from household items to items for her to use on her honeymoon. It all depends on how wild you would like to get. Make sure that the items will not offend anyone. :) 2. Provide each guest with a paper and pen. 3. Place a towel over the items and bring them into the center of the room. 4. Lift up the towel and count 10 seconds. 5. Place the towel back over the tray and remove the tray from the room. 6. The guests now have 1 minute to write down as many items that they can remember. 7. The guest who has the most correct answers wins a prize. 8. The bride to be now gets to keep all of the items.



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