Bridal Shower Invitation Information

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What should be listed on a bridal shower invitation?

Bridal Shower Invitation Information

Bridal shower invitations should be mailed three to four weeks before the event. If you are wondering what the standard of information is for the invitations, read the following guidelines:

  • Name of the bride-to-be.

  • Date of the shower.

  • Time of the shower. For example, 2 p.m - 5 p.m. (It's best to put both the start & end time so guests can plan their day) .

  • Address where the shower is being held (and it is helpful to include a map with directions).

  • Name and phone number of the hostess/hostesses.

  • A deadline date for the RSVP. (This is usually about two weeks prior to the shower date.)

  • Bridal shower theme (if applicable).

  • Home decorating colors (if applicable).

  • Where the couple is registered

Note: most etiquette experts will tell you that while it is acceptable to list the stores where a couple is registered on a bridal shower invitation, it is tacky to list this in a wedding invitation.



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