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What are good baby shower party favor ideas?

Baby Shower Favors That Are Proven Hits, a hot Web site for young mothers and mothers-to-be, has rounded up the best baby shower party favors given and received by none other than baby shower planners and experienced baby shower guests. So if you want to hit a home run with your baby shower party favors, take some cues from the experts on what was a hit for them by reading over the following ideas:

  • Buy a bunch of baby socks and fill them with assorted candies and chocolates. Tie each pair of socks together with a ribbon.
  • Baby-themed crosswords and word search puzzles
  • A cookie cutter with a recipe attached to inspire guests to use it
  • Sugar cookies in the shape of bottles and babies, packaged in colorful plastic wrap or tissue paper
  • Miniature plants with a tag that reads something touching about nourishing life
  • Buy coffee mugs and a flat of flowers and plant one flower in each mug to give away
  • A bar of soap with a cute poem that reads something to the effect of "We showered the mom-to-be in pink or blue. Now this shower gift is just for you!"
  • A personalized magnet for guest's refrigerator that says the mother-to-be's name and shower date
  • Use baby bottles filled with candies as balloon weights and after the shower, give them to guests as favors

What are some different price points for party favors?

Party Favors Come in all Price Points

Spend as much or as little as you'd like on party favors. Here are a few examples of what you can order and at what price points they are offered:

Items under $20: perhaps you just want to fill some kid's birthday party bags with an inexpensive toy.

  • A dozen plastic hand clappers for $4.95
  • Three fun friendship totes for $9.95
  • Six summer fun beach sets for $14.95
  • Six monster treat bags for $14.95
Items over $20: perhaps you need bulk items that may cost a little more but you get a lot of bang for your buck.

  • Two hundred fifty assorted small toys for $32.95
  • Fifty glow necklaces for $49.95
Decide what you can spend and then do some browsing. There are often great deals offered online in bulk items for parties.

Do I always have to pay shipping when ordering party supplies online?

Save on Shipping When Ordering Party Supplies Online

You may be turned off by the added expense of shipping if ordering party supplies online. However, shipping doesn't always have to have a cost.

Some party supply Web sites offer occasional specials in shipping. For example, you have the opportunity to get completely free shipping during certain sales if your order goes over a specific amount.

This is another great reason to start your party supply shopping early. This way, you'll be able to be on the lookout for shipping deals. When a deal is offered, you'll be able to jump on it and save that much more money for party food and entertainment

What can I get someone in the way of a personalized gift?

Personalized Party Gifts

There is a big trend in personalized and monogrammed party supplies and gift items in recent years. And there are plenty of companies willing to help you put that personal touch on your party favor or gift. Here are some party gifts you can have engraved or personalized for men, women and couples, courtesy of Things Remembered. All of these gifts are $20 and under (not including engraving fees).

For him:

  • key chain
  • money clip
  • frame
  • ballpoint pen
  • shot glass
For her:

  • hand purse
  • fleece throw
  • key chain
  • ballpoint pen
  • frame
For couples:

  • martini glasses
  • anniversary throw
  • anniversary plate
  • pewter frame
  • mug
For bulk party supplies that are personalized -- such as maracas, noise makers, sunglasses, albums, champagne bottles, candles, CD holders -- look no further than your favorite party supplies store. Party supply companies can also make personalized birthday banners, sports banners, baby shower banners and other items to fit your party theme.

For a child's birthday, a nice idea is to have a CD made with personalized songs that include the child's name in them. This is a great idea for a baby shower gift if you know the name of the baby.

What are some football party supplies on the market?

Football Party Supplies Abound

Hosting the Super Bowl party this year? Or does your son insist on having a football-themed birthday party? You're in luck. There are scores of football party supplies out there to choose from. From football tablecloths to football invitations to miniature football players that adorn your buffet table -- party supply companies have got you covered. For an outdoor football party, how about a large inflatable football goal post so you can reenact the game-winning kick? There are football centerpieces in the shape of the infamous pigskin and also a complete flag football kit for some half time entertainment of your own. You can even order party supplies in the colors and logos of your favorite NFL team.

What kinds of party hats can my child make?

How to Make Party Hats

For a fun activity at your child's birthday party, allow your child and friends to make their own party hats. Here are four different types of party hats kids can make and how to make them:

Cone hats : you will need paper (12-inch by 18-inch pieces), craft decorations, glue and scissors. Use the 12-inch side as the height and the 18-inch party to go around the head. To make the cone shape, draw a wide triangle then change the bottom from a straight line to a curved shape. You may want to experiment with newspaper to get the shape right. Use whatever craft material you have on hand to decorate the hats. While the party hats are drying, put a line of white glue down one side of the triangle. Then roll it into a cone shape. Use a paper clip on the top and bottom to hold it together until the glue dries.

Simple paper hats : draw a triangle in the center of the page with a rectangle that runs the length of the paper at the bottom. Cut out the hat. Have the child decorate one side with craft materials, and let dry. To fit the party hat to the child's head, use the rectangle as a headband. Measure for size, then tape, glue or staple the hat. The triangle is the front of the hat, with the band running around the child's head.

Sombrero hats : you will need two sheets of newsprint for each hat and masking tape. Use at least two sheets of large newsprint at least 3 feet on each side. Place the sheets at different angles (should look like an eight-point star). Center it over the person's head, and hold scrunch it down to make a head shaped dome in the center. Wind masking tape around the bottom of the dome (approximately ear level). Scrunch and roll the sides in to finish the sombrero shape. Decorate the sombreros using what ever materials you have on hand.

Paper hats : follow the idea for sombrero hats but create different shapes. Push a bit more paper up in the center before winding the masking tape. Use scissors to cut the brim to create a top hat shape. Similar to a top hat, you could make a Stetson Hat. After cutting the brim, use gentle pressure to create the crease in the center of the top. Use glue or tape to bring up the sides of the brim. If you don't want to paint your party hat, use colored tissue paper to create your hat.

What are the benefits of shopping party stores online?

The Benefits of Shopping Party Stores Online

Shopping party stores online is an organized way to weed through the many hundreds and thousands of party supplies on the market, with the added bonus of expert articles and tips along the way.

A party store will help you shop in bulk. If a party store has a good web site, it will also sort its items in an easy way to follow, spark your imagination and offer you education. For example, online party stores offer party supplies and other items are separated into the categories "Crafts & Hobby," "Party Supplies," "Teacher Supplies," "Everyday," "Holidays," "Sale," and "Trading Ideas."

The "Trading Ideas" section of this site is a good example of what an online shopping experience has to offer that perhaps a bricks-and-mortar store may not. With the click of your mouse you are instantly catapulted into the customer comments and tips of others who have planned similar parties to the one you may be planning. This can help you brainstorm for ideas and know what has worked or hasn't worked for others in the past.

While you can certainly ask a store manager on site his tips for planning a party, you cannot control how busy the store is and how many others are vying for his attention. Shopping at party stores online will allow you to leisurely view tips, read about successful parties, and advice and products at your own pace and without waiting in line.

Where should I shop for discount party supplies?

Shop Online For Discount Party Supplies

Shopping online is a great way to scope out discount party supplies. And it beats driving around town trying to find sales in the bricks-and-mortar stores.

Web sites have pages and pages of items of all shapes, sizes and themes that are slashed in price. Some prices are even slashed in half. There are centerpieces, favors, party bags, activity bags, sweets and costume jewelry for mere dollars or less. There are also plenty of holiday items for that upcoming Halloween party, Christmas party, Easter party, Fourth of July party or Valentine's party. Take advantage of the sales and scoop up the savings now. As some of these holidays near, there is no guarantee the items will remain at such a great price.

What is available in the way of baby shower party supplies?

Baby Shower Party Supplies

If you are planning a baby shower, there is an endless array of baby shower party supplies available in party warehouses and online stores. If you'd like to have a theme to your shower, there's a whole line of paper products and such that feature, for example, baby feet, modern/hip mom images, animals such as giraffes and more. If you do not have a theme in mind, there are plenty of packages available that are in a girl or boy theme.

If the new mom in your life is giving birth to twins, triplets or quads, there are also special baby shower party supplies you can purchase to celebrate the multiples. For example, invitations or thank you cards featuring twins, triplets and quads on the front.

What are some good ideas for a Disney themed party?

All Things Mickey for a Disney Celebration

You can't go wrong with Disney party supplies if you are trying to decide on a theme for your child's party. Disney characters are classics that all children love, regardless of gender or generation. There are plenty of Disney party supplies on the market to turn your house into a Disney World of sorts. Here are some ideas for a Mickey Mouse themed party:

  • Slip some mouse ears on your child and his friends to get them instantly in the spirit. You can order mouse ears at party supply companies.
  • Buy paper goods with the famous mouse's mug on them. There are plenty of Disney party packages available at party stores.
  • Other Disney party supplies you may want to consider are door posters, banners, pinatas and balloons.
  • Think about hiring character entertainers dressed as Mickey and friends. Be warned that it's not cheap. So if budget is an issue perhaps ask a family member to dress up instead. Also, it's never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, prepare for the possibility that your character will not show up. Have plenty of other activities planned so you are not relying solely on this entertainer for your party fun.
  • Party favors can stay within the Disney theme -- Mickey Mouse posters, stickers, videos.
  • Don't forget to have your bakery create a delicious Mickey Mouse cake!

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