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Should I use balloons to decorate my party?

Why Decorate Your Party With Balloons

When it comes to decorating for a party, balloons are still among the top selling party decorations, experts say. Even as consumers battle an unsure economy, balloon sales continue to rise, according to Party & Paper Retailer.

The balloon market continues to roll out innovative items and ideas. Balloon makers have become savvy in the way they combine latex with foil, meld giant party balloons with tiny party balloons and work with streamers, garlands, ribbons and weights.

Balloons are a very economical way to send a message, say party experts. In a budget-conscious and fast-paced society, they provide an affordable way to decorate and are easy to clean-up. And best of all, they can usually capture that "wow" factor that makes everyone oooh and aaah when they enter a room.

What can I use for beach birthday party decorations?

Ideas for a Beach Birthday Bash

So you've decided to have a beach birthday party at the local watering hole. Here are some ideas in the way of beach food, activities and beach birthday party decorations.

Beach food: this is a party that begs for grilled food. Hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers and macaroni and potato salads are a must. Spice up your burgers with various toppings such as pineapple slices, mushrooms, onions and avocados.‚ Set up a cooler full of sodas and other beverages as well.

Beach activities: look into watercraft rentals offered at many beaches, bays and lakes. If your party is going to continue into the evening, look for a place that allows campfires so you can roast marshmallows. Other options include sandcastle building contests, water balloon catching contests‚ and beach limbo using a bamboo pole. Frisbees, volleyball and back gammon are also good beach games.

Beach birthday party decorations: decorate the buffet table by covering it with a beach blanket. Place food on top of an old surfboard or one bought in a party store. Or make your own surfboard with plywood and paint. You can also stand up surfboards in the sand around the party area. Play beach music such the Beach Boys or a CD of tropical steel drums. For invitations, send the specifics on a deflated beach ball guests must inflate to read (and ask them to bring the balls to the party for more fun beach activities). Decorate tables with shells -- either from the beach itself or bought from a party store. Drape fisherman's nets around the area and attach some starfish and buoys to them.

How can I do something different with my balloon decorating?

Different Ways to Decorate Using Balloons

If you love balloons and want to do something different with them at your next party, there are many fantastic ways to display party balloons. Here are just a few ideas of how to turn a basic party balloon into something really special:

  • Use bunches of party balloons to decorate. It is always better to hang balloons in a bunch because it makes more of an impact. Curl the ribbons on the balloons to make them look more festive.
  • Make a party balloon arch in your doorway to frame your guest's entrance as they enter your home or the venue of the party.
  • Make balloon garlands. Use air-filled party balloons and string them to a nylon line. Use these garlands to decorate different parts of your home or the hall.
  • Create column balloon decorations. Balloons can be decorated in a vertical column fashion by attaching clusters of air-filled balloons to a vertical frame that's attached to a strong base.
  • Float balloons in your pool. Just add some water to the balloons before filling with air and then drop in.

What are my options in party confetti?

Confetti Choices are Endless

Party confetti is a fun way to decorate a room. Sprinkle colorful confetti shaped in the theme of your party on table tops. Confetti can be bought in the shape of stars, musical instruments, ages, baby items, hearts, diplomas, balloons ... the possibilities are endless.

There are also confetti products on the market to add more fun to your party decorations. For example, there is party confetti spray, confetti cannons, confetti shooters shaped like champagne bottles, confetti party poppers and more. These products are designed to explode with confetti at your prompting.

One word of caution about confetti as party decorations -- pick-up can be a nightmare unless you have a good vacuum!

How do I make a party balloon bouquet?

A Party Balloon Bouquet is Sure to Please

Party balloons can do more than just hang out on the ceiling at your next party. Use party balloons to create a beautiful "flower arrangement" to go along with your party theme.

Try school colors for a graduation party, or red and white balloons to go with your Western party's checkered tablecloths. For each "flower," securely attach an inflated balloon (no helium required) to the end of a thin dowel rod. Arrange your colorful balloons in a tall vase or bucket and cut the dowel "stems" to different heights as if you were arranging cut flowers. Sprinkle matching party confetti along the tables for a festive finishing touch. Consult party-planning books or just use your imagination to come up with more ideas. Most of all, have fun at your own party!

What is on the market in the way of Mexican party decorations?

Mexican Party Decorations

Do you want to throw a Mexican fiesta? A Cinco de Mayo celebration? Is your favorite graduate of Mexican origin? Throw a Mexican-themed bash your family and friends will remember. Mexican party decorations abound if you just do a little searching.

Online companies offer plenty of goodies in the way of serape style tablecloths, colorful maracas, sombreros, banners, textile plates, jewelry and more. After that, just find some Mexican music and some great Mexican food and your guests will be kicking up their heels Mexican style!

What are some of the hot themed parties right now?

Hot Themed Parties Right Now

Here are some of the hottest themes for parties right now :

A party theme that is gaining popularity is the Black & White Ball. This is very popular for birthday parties, corporation parties, weddings and sweet 16 parties. All party decorations are in black and white, party invitations are in black and white and guests dress in black and white. It makes for a very elegant affair.

Another very popular theme for parties right now, according to the experts, is a Tropical Luau Party. Who doesn't want to pretend they are whittling away time on a tropical island? These parties are relatively easy to plan. There are plenty of luau party decorations on the market -- bright tropical flowers, leis, palm trees, grass skirts -- that can transform your yard, banquet hall or living room into a tropical paradise.

And don't forget the always popular Las Vegas Casino Night party. Invitations can look like playing cards, you can provide games such as poker and black jack and provide chips for winning.

Party companies also offer theme packages in which one purchase can give you several matching party elements at once. For example, a "Vegas Nights" party theme package includes eight plates, 16 napkins, 24 piece plastic cutlery set, eight paper cups, a table cover, eight invitations, black and red streamers, 12 each of black and red latex balloons, and two packages of black and green paper party confetti. The company has other items in the theme that you can easily add to this pre-made package, which include poker chips, a casino game set and card shuffler. It's one stop party theme shopping!

What should I take into consideration when decorating with party balloons?

Balloon Etiquette

If a big part of your party decorations is going to include party balloons, there is balloon etiquette and balloon do's and don'ts to keep in mind. If you are decorating with party balloons, you'll need to take into consideration factors such as potential environmental and child hazards, how to best transport them, how to maintain them during rain, heat and wind and how to keep them from annoying your guests.Check out the following advice :

  1. If you are planning a very large party, use a professional balloon decorator if it's in your budget. Balloon decorators have the proper tools and can blow up 100 balloons in a fraction of the time it will take you to do it.
  2. Buy quality party balloons -- they'll stay up longer and look better.
  3. Think about the weather. If it rains on party balloons they will drop partially or totally. If it's extremely hot the air in the balloon expands and can cause the balloon to pop. Always under inflate your balloons on hot days.
  4. Wind is another factor to consider. It is very difficult for party balloons to maintain a beautiful appearance when the wind has whipped them together in a tangled mess. So rethink using balloons outside on a very windy day.
  5. When you transport party balloons in your car always remember to weight them down so they don't free float. Balloons love to escape. If your window is open you're sure to have bunches of balloons clustered around your head while you're trying to drive.
  6. Never allow children to have access to helium tanks unattended. Tanks need to be transported on a helium tank dolly and strapped in to avoid any accidents. Children should never try to suck helium out of the balloon inflater nozzle or from a balloon. Small amounts may not cause any harm but there have been many cases of children getting very sick from helium.
  7. To eliminate environmental hazards please do not release the arches of connected balloons into the air. Clear monofilament line is usually used to build the arches which sometimes span 60 to 100 feet. The balloons are then either tied or twisted around the line.
  8. Flat ceilings work well for party balloons but watch for things like wooden beams with slivers, recessed lighting that gets hot and other things that may cause your balloons to pop.
  9. If you use balloon bouquets as centerpieces adjust them so they don't block the guest's view. If they are on tables outside remember to keep them low to the table so they don't blow into guest's faces.
  10. Do not use helium filled mylar balloons outside. If they get loose and float into power lines they could cause electrical problems.
  11. If you use mylar balloons to decorate outside always attach a weight to each balloon. This prevents any one balloon from getting loose and floating into the atmosphere.

What is on the market in the way of animal party decorations?

Animal Party Decorations Abound

Most people love animals -- adults and kids alike. So it's no surprise that animal party decorations rule many party supply stores. For Halloween, folks are seeking out costumes that turn them into cats, lions, cows and more. And for birthday parties, parents are scooping up party decorations in the theme of dogs, ladybugs and monkeys.

What's on the market in the way of Western party decorations?

Western Party Decorations

Giddeyup! There are plenty of fun party decorations on the market to satisfy those planning a western-themed bash. Check out companies online for Western party decorations such as child and adult cowboy hats, cowboy boot key chains, spurs, cactus, napkins, party favors, thank you notes, party invitations party plates, bandannas, cowboy notepads and even a cowboy Santa Claus!

Let your imagination go wild by inventing fun lasso games and playing Western themed music. The possibilities are endless with a little imagination. And inspiration can be found in party stores and online.

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