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What can I give as housewarming gift?

Gift Idea for Housewarming Parties

This is a great gift idea for a housewarming party:

Purchase a large laundry basket. Select a theme and fill the basket with items pertaining to that theme. Here are a few examples:

1) Laundry theme - detergent, fabric softener, clothes pins, spot lifter, spray starch, iron etc.

2) Cleaning supplies - fill with cleaning products, rags, etc.

3) Unusual Items - Fill with items that every house should have such as matches, flash light, assorted batteries, safety pins, light bulbs.

What are some tips on hosting parties?

Hosting a Party

So you want to host a party? Here's some helpful tips.
1. Set a date, time and place.
2. Start your guest list.
3. Decide on a theme.
4. Make a "to do" list.
4a. Decide if you're "to do" list will require more help.
5. Formal or relaxed? A pizza, wing and beer party is a little different that roast duck and a fine wine.
6. Music or the sound of a sporting event emanating from the TV?
7. The planning is done. Have fun. Don't start worrying about cleaning up.

What about having a sports related party?

Having a Sports Theme Party

Parties with attitude. As a noted chef likes to "kick it up a notch," so can you. If you are comfortable with the group (or will never see them again anyway), throw caution to the wind and create some atmosphere! For example, if you are having a sports related party, drag some sports stuff out of your garage, your neighbor's garage and anywhere else you can find it. Then decorate. Not too dirty though. Spread it around the buffet table or any place that someone will pick it up and share a favorite memory. Hmm, sounds like an idea for a game.

What are some creative party ideas?

Ideas for Theme Parties

If you are going to have a theme party, check to see if the neighbors have some props you can use. For example, for a baseball sports theme party, see if anyone has bats, gloves, shin guards, or batting helmuts that can grace your party table. It's a great mood setter. Caution: this doesn't work well with animal or zoo themes – especially if you want to be authentic!

What are some magic party ideas?

Magic Parties

For you're next sorcerer or magic party, dip the end of a pretzel stick into melted chocolate or caramel then sprinkle with your favorite cookie sprinkles.

What are some creative party ideas?

Other Miscellaneous Theme Party Ideas

Time is running out.
Only one more month to throw a party.
You say you can't think of a reason?

Try these:
Uncle ____ is out on parole.
It's almost football season and you have to practice setting up your tailgate party.
Didn't you just get a new grill?
You have a new BBQ recipe and have to try it out.
Of all your family and friends you are the least lazy.
I have to try out my new table clothes that don't blow away.
It's fun. You know the song "Roll out the barrel, we're going to have a barrel of fun."

What can I give as housewarming gift?

Perfect Gift Idea for Housewarming Parties

This is a great gift idea for housewarming parties:

Purchase a portable toolbox. Fill the toolbox with the must haves such as:

Tacks, nails
Screw driver set

Although it's an unusual gift idea, it will come in handy for the new homeowner.

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