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What can I do to help the graduation party go well?

Graduation Party Planning Expectations

Remember that you are giving this party for someone that is near and dear to you. You raised them from just a twinkle in your eye. Sometimes you wondered if it would ever happen- but it did. Be proud. But, it is their party - you only toiled until your knuckles were raw and you haven't slept in a week and...on the other hand, it's probably your money. Sit your graduate down and come to an understanding before the event and review each person's expectations. Do's, don'ts and I could live with that's.

How can I make my own special graduation invitations?

Graduation Party Invitations

Have your ever thought of making your graduation party invitations look like rolled up diplomas? If you are good at it, or you know someone who is, they can write the diploma in script. Better yet - a good word-processing program will have just the font you are looking for. If you can make the diploma/invitation from parchment paper, finish it up with colored ribbons of the school colors.

What kind of Graduation games can I play?

Graduation Party Activity

My graduates always seemed to have their yearbooks around for signatures and small notations about what they think each friend will be doing in 20 years. Get a group together to see how many people have the same idea about the graduate. Put it in a time capsule. It will be fun in 20 years to see who was right. Those are the people you want for a stockbroker!

How do I manage parking for guests at my graduation party?

Graduation Parties and Parking

Does you driveway talk to you? Does it ask you to strap on your bowling shoes and bowl a couple of games? It would if it had a gutter on each side made by cars like mine has! If you love your lawn and don't heed this tip, you are going to cry big time! Take a look at your parking options. Park on the street. Make sure you block off areas in front of mailboxes if the party is on a Saturday. Some mailmen won't deliver the mail if they have to get out of their truck. Remember you still have to live with your neighbors. Maybe a school or shopping center is just down the street. A couple of responsible Valets would help shuttling cars back and forth, and if they are on the track team, they can get a great workout running to get cars! They probably would work for food too! Lastly, as I mentioned (I can't believe you aren't reading all these graduate tips) in the tip about checking with neighbors- are they having a party too?

What about music and the party?

Graduation Party Planning Ideas - The Music

Let's face it. Unless you own your record label, the graduate is probably way ahead of you on this one. Provide the music machine and leave the rest up to the graduate. You might want to inform your graduate about the noise level, the language in the songs (remember, you are going to be broadcasting this to the neighborhood) and the load limit on your deck! Most of all make sure the graduate appreciates the older folks and saves a special dance for Grandma or Grandpa.

What preparations do I need to consider for picture taking?

Graduation Party Photography Tips

Whatever you choose for photography for your graduation party, pocket camera, digital camera or video recorder, make sure they work (can we assume you can operate the camera?), you have film, memory chips, videos, etc. You never know when the "Kodak" moment will arise. As they say, a word to the wise is sufficient.

What´s a unique invitation I can send for a graduation party?

Planning Graduation Parties - Invitations

Here's another unique idea for a graduation party invitation:

Draw a graduation cap on white card stock (not too thick if you want to run it through the printer). Make sure your "cap" will fit inside the envelope. Hand-print or computer print your invitation. Place in an envelope (invitation envelopes can be purchased at your local office supply store.)

You can also decorate the cap with ribbon or glitter.


Graduation Party Announcement that Ends with a Bang

As your child prepares for graduation, why not consider something fun & loud to celebrate the occassion. Purchase a large number of party poppers from your local party or department store, make sure you have enough for every guest. As a group, announce the name of the graduate and have your guests pull the strings (upward and away from faces); the loud pop and falling confetti will enhance the announcement and make a fun memory.

What can I do to help the graduation party go well?

Graduation Party Themes

Themes are always fun. At least they are for the graduation party planner. Make sure you run this one past the graduate. Don't assume anything. Some well-intentioned probing questions with the graduate will reveal some acceptable themes. Once you choose the graduation party theme, the food is easy. Let me see - Sponge Bob; seafood, Western; BBQ, Barbie; Hey -forget the party - a nice brand new shiny pink Corvette or Ferrari with go great with my new outfit!

What can I do to help the graduation party go well?

Graduation Parties and Your Neighbors

How is your relationship with your neighbors? Do you want to keep them? Do you even know their names? Check their plans with yours. I'm not kidding! When we had a graduation party for one of my boys, the neighbors were setting up to power wash anything that didn't move! Come to think of it, it wouldn't hurt to inform your local men and women in blue of your intentions. Go ahead; buy some tickets to the Policemen's Ball. It's for a good cause.

How do I manage a clean bathroom?

Throwing a Graduation Party

I know everyone is concerned about keeping that one place smelling pretty and fresh. You know the one - the bathroom. If you are having a mature responsible group, and even then I would be concerned, a scented bathroom candle with your favorite aroma is a nice touch. And the word is touch. For some reason a lit candle behind a closed door is irresistible to some. For those, consider the old standby room freshener out of the way of the curious. Most houses don't have medicine cabinets any longer, but if you do...

What can I do to help the graduation party go well?

Graduation Party Planning

Don't get carried away with constant activity. Make sure your graduation party is a relaxing and fun event with time to socialize. After dinner provide a means for the graduate and guests to listen to some tunes and perhaps dance the night away. A courtesy call to your neighborhood police station is recommended.
Sit back. Relax. Enjoy.

What do I need to do as prepare my own food?

Graduation Party Pre-Planning

If you are going to do all the cooking, make sure the fridge and freezer are empty - or it's still pretty cold outside. You know how it is; you always have more food than space.

What kind of Graduation games can I play?

Graduation Party Games

Pin the mustache on the teacher Graduation Party Game!

If you know how to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, you know how to play pin the mustache or glasses, etc. on the teacher. Construction paper will work fine for this game. You will need a sizable teacher picture. Which picture you ask? Ask the graduate of course!

What´s a unique invitation I can send for a graduation party?

Planning Graduation Parties - Invitations

Instead of sending the same old store-bought invitations for your graduation party try this:

*Use a computer or hand-print your invitation on a piece of parchment, roll the paper up, tie with a ribbon and send in tiny mailing tubes.

What type of easy to eat foods can I make for my party?

Graduation Party Foods

One graduation party idea is that because many people today are health conscious, the number and variety of "finger foods" is endless. It's still all right to put out the chips and pretzels, but we are seeing more and more table space for the vegetables. Put out two or three varieties of dip, veggie, ranch, jalapeno, cheddar, spinach, and artichoke in fancy themed serving dishes. This type of food goes a long way and rarely is there any left!

What can I do to help the graduation party go well?

Graduation Parties and the Police

I like police persons. They are our friends. But why does the hair on the back of our necks stand at attention every time a police car pulls up behind us at a traffic light? Seriously, let them know of your intentions, especially if you are having an open house and alcohol will be served. Head off the problem at the pass. Everything from the guests to the valets or the neighbor who doesn't like neighbors. Remember you arranged this party - control it properly.

How do I decide if I need a Caterer?

Preparing a Graduation Party

Unless you are a chef and have two refrigerators in the basement and one in the garage, consider using a caterer to perform all or some of the necessary things. If you are spending over 10-12 George Washington's per person (consider the little people will eat half as much - but drink twice as much beverages!) it might not be worth the hassle to go it alone.

What about my good furniture?

Graduation Parties Suggestions

Be wary of good furniture with food near. Remember Murphy's Law: "Anything that can happen, will happen." If some of the dip is going to hit the good stuff and you have a history of going "postal," deal with it before it happens - cover it - or surround it with barbwire!

How do I make a water balloon launcher?

Graduation Party Games

Here's something really cool! If the graduation party is outside when it's warm and everyone is dressed accordingly, a water balloon shootout might be a lot of fun.
Items needed:
1. Plastic funnel about the size of the water balloon you are going to use when filled.
2. Rubber tubing – two pieces about 3 feet long is good.

This is the responsible adult part. 2 holes are made at opposite side of the wide end of the funnel large enough to pass the tubing through. Make good strong knots. There you have it. A home made water balloon launcher.
Set up objects to hit over. Whoever knocks over the most wins. All you need now are people and your favorite tunes!

What kind of Graduation games can I play?

Graduation Party Suggestions - A Game

It might be corny, but a round of "Guess the Guest" from a board of pictures can be fun. A graduation party has people of all ages so find baby pictures, middle school pictures or funny pictures! The one who guesses the most, wins. Afterwards, use the photos as name tags for everyone. People can get to know eachother better and have a good laugh in the process.

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