Bridal Shower Planning

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When is the ideal time to host a bridal shower?

Bridal Shower Planning

The ideal time to host a bridal shower is six weeks before the wedding. You'll need about eight weeks to plan a formal bridal shower, less time if the bridal shower you are hosting will be casual. If the bridal shower is not a surprise, then talk with the bride about when she'd like to have the shower and if she'd like a certain theme. If the bridal shower is a surprise, get together with the bride's closest family and friends to decide on these factors.

A week before the shower, you should:

  • Prepare anything that can be frozen ahead

  • Call anyone who has not responded to the invitation

  • Check all recipes and buy the ingredients

  • Either clean your home or hire someone to do it

  • If you will need extra refrigerator space, call a neighbor

  • Decide what you are wearing, making sure it is pressed and ready to wear

  • Fill in place cards for those attending

The day before the shower, make sure you:

  • Purchase, pick up, or make the rest of the food on your menu

  • Check your home for last minute cleaning

  • Set up extra chairs for guests

  • Check to be sure you have enough ice

  • Try to set up a spot to display the bride's gifts

  • Check to see what time the flowers will be delivered or pick them up yourself

  • Have plastic trash bag ready for wrappings

  • Provide a pad and pen for list of gifts and who gave them (one of the bridesmaids usually writes the list)



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