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What are some ideas for hosting a Hollywood theme party?

Hollywood Theme Party Ideas

Have you always longed to walk the red carpet and go to a movie premiere? Or perhaps your dream is to attend the Oscars. Well, why not make your dreams a semi-reality the next time you throw a party? Throw a Hollywood theme party for your friends.

There are plenty of party products on the market designed to transform your home or banquet hall into an Oscar-worthy setting. Here are some ideas:

Hollywood theme party decor: use rich fabrics like velour or sequins, strobe lights can imitate the paparazzi, purchase gold statues, an acceptance speech podium, movie posters, banners, stage lights, glamorous-looking tiaras, party packs of plates, napkins, utensils, etc., decorative film strips, star-studded gift bags, silver border place cards, Hollywood street signs, red carpet, no autographs please sign, movies trivia party DVD and popcorn paraphernalia are just some of what's on the market at party stores.

Costumes: ask guests to arrive as their favorite movie star. Or ask them to be in formal glamorous attire (which can mean a black dress with fake flashy baubles for the women and a suit or even one of those t-shirts that look like a suit jacket)

Activities: Hollywood charades. Guess who everyone is based on their costumes and mannerisms. Also, you can create a Hollywood Walk of Fame. Have guests dip their hands into easily removable paint or into fast-drying plaster upon arrival and create your own walk in the party area with the results

What are some ideas for college theme parties?

Ideas for College Theme Parties

College theme parties are some of the hottest parties around. College kids absolutely love to host theme parties and tend to go all out when doing so. Here are some examples of college theme parties in case you are in the mood to party like a college kid.

Toga party: have everyone dress up in a toga. Togas can easily be made from any fabric found in a fabric store. The really ambitious can even buy a row of fake foliage to wear as a crown on top of their heads.

Nuts and bolts party: when the guests arrive the women reach into a bag of hardware and grab a nut; the men reach into another bag of hardware and grab a bolt. The party is spent trying to find out whose nut and bolt fit together.

Lei party: Everyone starts out wearing a Hawaiian lei. Party goers go around asking questions to try to get other party goers to say "no." This becomes fun when the questions get absurd and the party goer must answer "yes" or come up with another creative answer or face danger of losing her lei. If someone says "no," then person who asked the question steals their lei and puts it on themselves. The person with the most leis at the end of the evening wins.

Around the world party: each area of the room features a drink from around the world. For example, a White Russian represents Russia and a Margarita represents Mexico. To keep expenses down, the drinks can be featured as shots. Of course, if drinkers are underage then the drinks should be made virgin style.

Pajama party: guests show up wearing pajamas and party all night in their flannels and puppy dog slippers.

Marriage party: both girls and guys pick a number out of a hat and then are paired up if their number matches. They are tied together by the wrist with string or duct tape. In order to get divorced, they must perform a task. Divorce can happen if they aren't compatible, have to use the bathroom or want to stop playing. At the end of the night, the couple(s) still attached win.

70's party: everyone dresses up in their grooviest clothes and dances the night away to 70's music. This can be done with any decade.

Graffiti party: guests show up in plain white t-shirts and everyone is given a marker. Party goers spend the night doodling and writing messages on each other's shirts.

Pink party: everyone wears pink (yes, the guys too). Drinks are pink. Decorations are pink. It makes for a fun setting and is great for picture-taking.

Cops and Robbers: one gender (the cops) must leave an inexpensive but recognizable item in a dish. The other gender (the robbers) must take an item. The cops then spend the night trying to find the robber who took their item. Once they find them, they must handcuff themselves to the person to ensure that they don't steal again.

How can I save money on party theme decorations?

Save Money by Shopping for Themed Items at Strategic Times

Buy supplies in holiday or special occasion party themes far in advance if you know you will be having a party to celebrate that theme in the future. This will save you money because specialty items are often slashed after that time of year passes. For example, buy supplies for the following party themes at the following times: Halloween supplies in November; Christmas supplies in January and graduation supplies in July or August. Then look in party warehouse stores and at party supply websites for slashed prices and scoop up the deals.

What are some good ideas for hosting a pirate party?

Pirate Party Activities for Kids

Pirate parties are a huge hit with kids. Here are some ideas for pirate-inspired fun and games :

  • Walk the plank. Secure a board across a sturdy plastic kid pool with duct tape. Put some blown up alligators in the pool for effect. Have kids walk the plank, after which they will be awarded with a hook hand.
  • Make hook hands for kids by cutting a slit in the bottom of a plastic cup and cutting a hook shape out of cardboard. Wrap the hook with foil and slide it through the slit in the cup.
  • Make spyglasses. Have kids cover the end of a toilet paper tube with a square of colored cellophane and fix it in place with a rubber band.
  • Tick tock find the croc. With a little imagination, an egg timer can become a hidden crocodile. Have kids try to find the egg timer before the time is up.
  • Pirate booty can include gummy fish, temporary tattoos, candy necklaces, chocolate-filled gold coins and other such fare.
  • Turn hot dogs into a pirate treat by spearing a wooden skewer through a small piece of paper to make a schooner set sail in the middle of a hot dog. Scatter some gold fish around the dog.
  • Don't forget the treasure hunt! Send kids on clues throughout the yard and house to find the hidden treasure. Give them boxes they can collect their treasure in.

What are some ways to have a successful outdoor theme party?

Outside Theme Parties

If you are having a theme party outside, then you should keep in mind these party ideas while planning:

  • Theme parties are a lot of fun when you are having an outside bash. How about a Mexican fiesta or a Hawaiian luau? Or a patriotic theme party for the Fourth of July? There are plenty of theme decorations available at bricks-and-mortar party stores as well as online. Party experts can make sure you've got everything from the party plates to the party music covered.
  • Start your party with some upbeat music that everyone will love.
  • When it gets dark, tiki torches are a great way to light up an outdoor party. They are inexpensive and festive looking.
  • Keep clean up easy by using disposable paper and plastic products.
  • Food will be a focal point at your party so think your menu through -- from appetizers, to main dishes to desserts. Grilling is always a hit. You can easily keep your food in theme if you are hosting a theme party. For example, fajitas at a Mexican fiesta or pineapple-laced kabobs at a Hawaiian luau.
  • Have all food prepared ahead of time. You don't want to be inside preparing food while your guests are all outside having a good time.
  • Plan for possible rain. Clear out your garage, designate a room in your house or keep a tent on stand by.
  • Don't forget the citronella to keep the bugs away!

What are some party ideas for tailgating?

Party Ideas for Tailgating

Party ideas for tailgating are endless, especially since tailgaters have taken pains to perfect the art of tailgating in the new millennium. Here are some party ideas from the experts to ensure your next tailgating party -- whether it's before a baseball game, football game or concert -- is the best.

  • Pack your vehicle with everything that will make you comfortable: folding chairs, tables, coolers, cup holders, pillows. Aim to make your corner of the parking lot as comfortable as you can.
  • A rule of thumb in tailgating is: share, share, share. Let fellow tailgaters sample your fare and do the same with them.
  • Decorate your vehicle with pride. Let people know you came to win.
  • Competitiveness isn't limited to the field -- create a dish that will make your fellow tailgaters stand up and take notice. Unique or elaborate food becomes a badge of honor with many tailgaters.
  • Pack toys. Good tailgate party ideas in the way of toys include a football to throw, a Frisbee and a whiffle ball and bat.
  • If you plan to bring alcoholic beverages, check with the stadium first to make sure it's allowed.
  • Use disposable plates and cups and bring garbage bags for easy clean up.
  • Create a food item to fit the party theme. Tailgating enthusiasts have been known to craft a football field out of a seven layer bean dip or a chocolate cake.
  • Plan for bad weather by bringing a tarp, umbrellas or ponchos.
Tailgating safety tips:

  • Never leave the grill unattended
  • Bring plenty of water or a fire extinguisher for that unexpected accident at the grill
  • Safely dispose of hot grills in a fire-proof container before entering the stadium

What are some ideas for pre-teen birthday party themes?

Ideas for Pre-teen Birthday Theme Parties

Pre-teen birthday party themes can be tricky. You want to pick a theme that's not too childish. Here are some party ideas for pre-teen birthday party themes:

  • Bowling
  • Football or other sports
  • Game show
  • Makeover
  • Luau
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Glow in the dark

What are some ideas for graduation theme parties?

Graduation Theme Parties

Many graduation party themes center around the year of graduation. There are plenty of products on the market that spell out the graduate's proud year. Check into online stores such as to find plates, napkins, cups, decorative hangings, confetti, ceramic mugs, favors, coasters, serving dishes and many other products that will enhance your graduation year theme. A lot of the items are inexpensive. For example, a 32-piece graduation tableware package can be purchased for less than $8.

Other graduation ideas include decking the party in the graduate's high school colors as one last hurrah or decking the party in the graduate's college colors as a celebration of where he will be heading.

For college graduates, one could use the college colors as a final farewell and have fun decorating with mock or real office or business items to signify his introduction into the working world.

What are some ideas for a surprise pirate party?

Pirate Parties are Hot

With the recent success of the Hollywood Blockbusters "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 2," the nation seems to have pirates on the brain. Why not throw a pirate party in keeping with the theme?

Here are some fun party ideas for a surprise Halloween pirate party for kids:

  • For a Halloween theme party, send out generic invitations (no hint of pirates) in plenty of time for parents to bypass costume-hunting. Word your invitation like this: "Come in your regular clothes, without a costume, and you will leave as a completely different character." This party idea will work particularly well with the elementary-school crowd.
  • Your outdoor decorations can be generic so the kids will be surprised to step into your pirate-decorated home.
  • Start each child off with a bandanna. Plan three or four Halloween games. After each game, award another piece of the costume. Party ideas for costumes include red or black T-shirts, eye patches, toy swords, temporary pirate tattoos, and beads.
  • Each child can leave the party with a small treasure box containing items such as glow-in-the-dark necklaces, foil-wrapped chocolate coins, seashells and other booty.
  • Holding your party from 4 to 6 p.m. will leave time for the kids and their parents to do their usual trick-or-treating. And parents will thank you if your refreshments are chicken nuggets and other healthy munchies to offset the oncoming sugar rush. Have fun and sail happy!

How can I honor the grandma-to-be in my life?

Grandma-to-be Showers

Here's a party idea for the woman who is excited about becoming a grandma for the first time -- a Grandma-to-be shower!

Throw a fun party for your favorite grandma-to-be and ask friends and relatives to bring an item that grandma is sure to need when she's caring for her new grandchild. Grandma will need bibs, a stroller, a car seat if she plans to drive her grandchildren around, a high chair, portable crib, baby blankets, formula and plenty of diapers.

Use theme party decorations to spruce up the event. Perhaps combine baby shower decorations with "over the hill" decorations for a fun touch. Or just stick to traditional balloons and streamers. Have fellow grandmas offer words of wisdom to the new grandma in town.

These type of parties can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Perhaps you only have grandma's closest friends over and they only bring a small item to give such as diapers or bibs. Decide on your budget and goals before you plan.

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