A Party Balloon Bouquet is Sure to Please

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How do I make a party balloon bouquet?

A Party Balloon Bouquet is Sure to Please

Party balloons can do more than just hang out on the ceiling at your next party. Use party balloons to create a beautiful "flower arrangement" to go along with your party theme.

Try school colors for a graduation party, or red and white balloons to go with your Western party's checkered tablecloths. For each "flower," securely attach an inflated balloon (no helium required) to the end of a thin dowel rod. Arrange your colorful balloons in a tall vase or bucket and cut the dowel "stems" to different heights as if you were arranging cut flowers. Sprinkle matching party confetti along the tables for a festive finishing touch. Consult party-planning books or just use your imagination to come up with more ideas. Most of all, have fun at your own party!



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