Balloon Etiquette

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What should I take into consideration when decorating with party balloons?

Balloon Etiquette

If a big part of your party decorations is going to include party balloons, there is balloon etiquette and balloon do's and don'ts to keep in mind. If you are decorating with party balloons, you'll need to take into consideration factors such as potential environmental and child hazards, how to best transport them, how to maintain them during rain, heat and wind and how to keep them from annoying your guests.Check out the following advice :

  1. If you are planning a very large party, use a professional balloon decorator if it's in your budget. Balloon decorators have the proper tools and can blow up 100 balloons in a fraction of the time it will take you to do it.
  2. Buy quality party balloons -- they'll stay up longer and look better.
  3. Think about the weather. If it rains on party balloons they will drop partially or totally. If it's extremely hot the air in the balloon expands and can cause the balloon to pop. Always under inflate your balloons on hot days.
  4. Wind is another factor to consider. It is very difficult for party balloons to maintain a beautiful appearance when the wind has whipped them together in a tangled mess. So rethink using balloons outside on a very windy day.
  5. When you transport party balloons in your car always remember to weight them down so they don't free float. Balloons love to escape. If your window is open you're sure to have bunches of balloons clustered around your head while you're trying to drive.
  6. Never allow children to have access to helium tanks unattended. Tanks need to be transported on a helium tank dolly and strapped in to avoid any accidents. Children should never try to suck helium out of the balloon inflater nozzle or from a balloon. Small amounts may not cause any harm but there have been many cases of children getting very sick from helium.
  7. To eliminate environmental hazards please do not release the arches of connected balloons into the air. Clear monofilament line is usually used to build the arches which sometimes span 60 to 100 feet. The balloons are then either tied or twisted around the line.
  8. Flat ceilings work well for party balloons but watch for things like wooden beams with slivers, recessed lighting that gets hot and other things that may cause your balloons to pop.
  9. If you use balloon bouquets as centerpieces adjust them so they don't block the guest's view. If they are on tables outside remember to keep them low to the table so they don't blow into guest's faces.
  10. Do not use helium filled mylar balloons outside. If they get loose and float into power lines they could cause electrical problems.
  11. If you use mylar balloons to decorate outside always attach a weight to each balloon. This prevents any one balloon from getting loose and floating into the atmosphere.



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