Different Ways to Decorate Using Balloons

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How can I do something different with my balloon decorating?

Different Ways to Decorate Using Balloons

If you love balloons and want to do something different with them at your next party, there are many fantastic ways to display party balloons. Here are just a few ideas of how to turn a basic party balloon into something really special:

  • Use bunches of party balloons to decorate. It is always better to hang balloons in a bunch because it makes more of an impact. Curl the ribbons on the balloons to make them look more festive.
  • Make a party balloon arch in your doorway to frame your guest's entrance as they enter your home or the venue of the party.
  • Make balloon garlands. Use air-filled party balloons and string them to a nylon line. Use these garlands to decorate different parts of your home or the hall.
  • Create column balloon decorations. Balloons can be decorated in a vertical column fashion by attaching clusters of air-filled balloons to a vertical frame that's attached to a strong base.
  • Float balloons in your pool. Just add some water to the balloons before filling with air and then drop in.



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