Ideas for a Beach Birthday Bash

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What can I use for beach birthday party decorations?

Ideas for a Beach Birthday Bash

So you've decided to have a beach birthday party at the local watering hole. Here are some ideas in the way of beach food, activities and beach birthday party decorations.

Beach food: this is a party that begs for grilled food. Hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers and macaroni and potato salads are a must. Spice up your burgers with various toppings such as pineapple slices, mushrooms, onions and avocados.‚ Set up a cooler full of sodas and other beverages as well.

Beach activities: look into watercraft rentals offered at many beaches, bays and lakes. If your party is going to continue into the evening, look for a place that allows campfires so you can roast marshmallows. Other options include sandcastle building contests, water balloon catching contests‚ and beach limbo using a bamboo pole. Frisbees, volleyball and back gammon are also good beach games.

Beach birthday party decorations: decorate the buffet table by covering it with a beach blanket. Place food on top of an old surfboard or one bought in a party store. Or make your own surfboard with plywood and paint. You can also stand up surfboards in the sand around the party area. Play beach music such the Beach Boys or a CD of tropical steel drums. For invitations, send the specifics on a deflated beach ball guests must inflate to read (and ask them to bring the balls to the party for more fun beach activities). Decorate tables with shells -- either from the beach itself or bought from a party store. Drape fisherman's nets around the area and attach some starfish and buoys to them.



8/7/2008 9:33:37 PM
Jarrod Brake said:

Also great party supplies for Beach parties are Chinese sky lanterns!. Let them of on a still night on the beach!! Ammazing.


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