Pirate Party Activities for Kids

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What are some good ideas for hosting a pirate party?

Pirate Party Activities for Kids

Pirate parties are a huge hit with kids. Here are some ideas for pirate-inspired fun and games :

  • Walk the plank. Secure a board across a sturdy plastic kid pool with duct tape. Put some blown up alligators in the pool for effect. Have kids walk the plank, after which they will be awarded with a hook hand.
  • Make hook hands for kids by cutting a slit in the bottom of a plastic cup and cutting a hook shape out of cardboard. Wrap the hook with foil and slide it through the slit in the cup.
  • Make spyglasses. Have kids cover the end of a toilet paper tube with a square of colored cellophane and fix it in place with a rubber band.
  • Tick tock find the croc. With a little imagination, an egg timer can become a hidden crocodile. Have kids try to find the egg timer before the time is up.
  • Pirate booty can include gummy fish, temporary tattoos, candy necklaces, chocolate-filled gold coins and other such fare.
  • Turn hot dogs into a pirate treat by spearing a wooden skewer through a small piece of paper to make a schooner set sail in the middle of a hot dog. Scatter some gold fish around the dog.
  • Don't forget the treasure hunt! Send kids on clues throughout the yard and house to find the hidden treasure. Give them boxes they can collect their treasure in.



8/23/2007 8:42:02 AM
Brittany said:

I think it was an excelent party and I loved the walk the plank idea.


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