Pirate Parties are Hot

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What are some ideas for a surprise pirate party?

Pirate Parties are Hot

With the recent success of the Hollywood Blockbusters "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 2," the nation seems to have pirates on the brain. Why not throw a pirate party in keeping with the theme?

Here are some fun party ideas for a surprise Halloween pirate party for kids:

  • For a Halloween theme party, send out generic invitations (no hint of pirates) in plenty of time for parents to bypass costume-hunting. Word your invitation like this: "Come in your regular clothes, without a costume, and you will leave as a completely different character." This party idea will work particularly well with the elementary-school crowd.
  • Your outdoor decorations can be genericĀ so the kids will be surprised to step into your pirate-decorated home.
  • Start each child off with a bandanna. Plan three or four Halloween games. After each game, award another piece of the costume. Party ideas for costumes include red or black T-shirts, eye patches, toy swords, temporary pirate tattoos, and beads.
  • Each child can leave the party with a small treasure box containing items such as glow-in-the-dark necklaces, foil-wrapped chocolate coins, seashells and other booty.
  • Holding your party from 4 to 6 p.m. will leave time for the kids and their parents to do their usual trick-or-treating. And parents will thank you if your refreshments are chicken nuggets and other healthy munchies to offset the oncoming sugar rush. Have fun and sail happy!



12/4/2007 6:08:09 AM
Melissa said:

I hate pirates! But for those who love them. I think these ideas would be great.


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