Party Ideas for Tailgating

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What are some party ideas for tailgating?

Party Ideas for Tailgating

Party ideas for tailgating are endless, especially since tailgaters have taken pains to perfect the art of tailgating in the new millennium. Here are some party ideas from the experts to ensure your next tailgating party -- whether it's before a baseball game, football game or concert -- is the best.

  • Pack your vehicle with everything that will make you comfortable: folding chairs, tables, coolers, cup holders, pillows. Aim to make your corner of the parking lot as comfortable as you can.
  • A rule of thumb in tailgating is: share, share, share. Let fellow tailgaters sample your fare and do the same with them.
  • Decorate your vehicle with pride. Let people know you came to win.
  • Competitiveness isn't limited to the field -- create a dish that will make your fellow tailgaters stand up and take notice. Unique or elaborate food becomes a badge of honor with many tailgaters.
  • Pack toys. Good tailgate party ideas in the way of toys include a football to throw, a Frisbee and a whiffle ball and bat.
  • If you plan to bring alcoholic beverages, check with the stadium first to make sure it's allowed.
  • Use disposable plates and cups and bring garbage bags for easy clean up.
  • Create a food item to fit the party theme. Tailgating enthusiasts have been known to craft a football field out of a seven layer bean dip or a chocolate cake.
  • Plan for bad weather by bringing a tarp, umbrellas or ponchos.
Tailgating safety tips:

  • Never leave the grill unattended
  • Bring plenty of water or a fire extinguisher for that unexpected accident at the grill
  • Safely dispose of hot grills in a fire-proof container before entering the stadium



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