The Perfect Coffee Lovers Party

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Can I have a party in a coffee shop?

The Perfect Coffee Lovers Party

If your friends and family are coffee lovers, why not host your next party at the neighborhood coffee shop; Comfy chairs, light music, the heavenly aroma of coffee combine to create an aromatic atmosphere suitable for the most intimate of conversations and celebration. Your friends will find conversation easy as they discuss the merits of mocha cappuccino, herbal tea, soy latte or frozen white chocolate frappé and all the latest gossip. Encourage your guests to choose baked goods from the food case, delicious coffee creations or soothing herbal tea. As the party host, you will cover the expenses of your guests; a simplified way to host a party without having to bake, decorate or clean up.



11/5/2008 10:50:33 AM
Kaitlyn said:

That is a great idea! my mom is haveing her 40th birthday, and she loves coffee! so her surprise party is cafe theme!


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