Day Spa Party

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A spa party for women?

Day Spa Party

Looking for a great idea for a womens party, bachelorette party, a wedding or baby shower: Why not host a day spa themed party!

For a day spa themed party, intimacy and relaxation are the key elements, limit your guests to 7 or 8 close friends.

Invitations: Hand write the invitation on pretty stationary and spray lightly with perfume (aromatherapy!).

Send as is or wrap the invitation on the outside of a small washcloth (use raffia) and mail in a small box.

Adult party entertainment: Depending on your budget, you can hire a manicurist, a masseuse, play a meditation tape, organize a walk or hike, rent a yoga video, hire a nutrionist, play some relaxing music, mud facials (everyone could do their just supply the mix which can be bought at any day spa store).

Food: raw veggies and dip, salads (greens with chicken and tuna mix-ins), fresh fruit and yogurt dip, fruit juice, bottled water, yogurt shakes, smoothies, etc.



7/15/2006 7:32:36 PM
Sally said:

I had a party 3 years in a row where I hired masseuses and manacurists for my guests, but they paid for their own services. They also each brought an appetizer. All I did other than hire the help was make margaritas . . . and everyone loved it!


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