Summer Adult Party Ideas - June

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What can I celebrate in June?

Summer Adult Party Ideas - June

So you want to have a summer adult party but don't know what to celebrate? Check out these special days for ideas:


*Dairy Month (Have a milk marathon...milk shakes, mashed potatoes, chocolate milk, pork loin braised in milk)

*National Beef Steak Month (Have a steak barbeque)

*Turkey Lovers Month (Deep Fried Turkey, turkey burgers, Thanksgiving in June)

*National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month (How about a fruit and Veggie Tasting?)

*National Iced Tea Month

*National Frozed Yogurt Month

*Professional Bowling Association Championships

*Adopt a Cat Month

*Candy Month

*June 6 - Full Moon Day

*June 9 - Best Friend's Day

*June 14 - Flag Day

*June 18 - National Spluge Day

*June 21 - Summer Solstice



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