How to Make Party Hats

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What kinds of party hats can my child make?

How to Make Party Hats

For a fun activity at your child's birthday party, allow your child and friends to make their own party hats. Here are four different types of party hats kids can make and how to make them:

Cone hats : you will need paper (12-inch by 18-inch pieces), craft decorations, glue and scissors. Use the 12-inch side as the height and the 18-inch party to go around the head. To make the cone shape, draw a wide triangle then change the bottom from a straight line to a curved shape. You may want to experiment with newspaper to get the shape right. Use whatever craft material you have on hand to decorate the hats. While the party hats are drying, put a line of white glue down one side of the triangle. Then roll it into a cone shape. Use a paper clip on the top and bottom to hold it together until the glue dries.

Simple paper hats : draw a triangle in the center of the page with a rectangle that runs the length of the paper at the bottom. Cut out the hat. Have the child decorate one side with craft materials, and let dry. To fit the party hat to the child's head, use the rectangle as a headband. Measure for size, then tape, glue or staple the hat. The triangle is the front of the hat, with the band running around the child's head.

Sombrero hats : you will need two sheets of newsprint for each hat and masking tape. Use at least two sheets of large newsprint at least 3 feet on each side. Place the sheets at different angles (should look like an eight-point star). Center it over the person's head, and hold scrunch it down to make a head shaped dome in the center. Wind masking tape around the bottom of the dome (approximately ear level). Scrunch and roll the sides in to finish the sombrero shape. Decorate the sombreros using what ever materials you have on hand.

Paper hats : follow the idea for sombrero hats but create different shapes. Push a bit more paper up in the center before winding the masking tape. Use scissors to cut the brim to create a top hat shape. Similar to a top hat, you could make a Stetson Hat. After cutting the brim, use gentle pressure to create the crease in the center of the top. Use glue or tape to bring up the sides of the brim. If you don't want to paint your party hat, use colored tissue paper to create your hat.



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