Graduation Party Planning Expectations

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What can I do to help the graduation party go well?

Graduation Party Planning Expectations

Remember that you are giving this party for someone that is near and dear to you. You raised them from just a twinkle in your eye. Sometimes you wondered if it would ever happen- but it did. Be proud. But, it is their party - you only toiled until your knuckles were raw and you haven't slept in a week and...on the other hand, it's probably your money. Sit your graduate down and come to an understanding before the event and review each person's expectations. Do's, don'ts and I could live with that's.



7/2/2007 8:42:05 AM
Megan said:

Coming from a graduates point of view here (me :D) this is a very good idea. We do not want the parents to plan the party for themselves...we want a say too

6/5/2009 8:01:14 PM
Jen said:

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