Graduation Parties and Parking

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How do I manage parking for guests at my graduation party?

Graduation Parties and Parking

Does you driveway talk to you? Does it ask you to strap on your bowling shoes and bowl a couple of games? It would if it had a gutter on each side made by cars like mine has! If you love your lawn and don't heed this tip, you are going to cry big time! Take a look at your parking options. Park on the street. Make sure you block off areas in front of mailboxes if the party is on a Saturday. Some mailmen won't deliver the mail if they have to get out of their truck. Remember you still have to live with your neighbors. Maybe a school or shopping center is just down the street. A couple of responsible Valets would help shuttling cars back and forth, and if they are on the track team, they can get a great workout running to get cars! They probably would work for food too! Lastly, as I mentioned (I can't believe you aren't reading all these graduate tips) in the tip about checking with neighbors- are they having a party too?



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