Planning Parties The 4WH Way

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How do I go about planning a party?

Planning Parties The 4WH Way

A lot of people have trouble doing something, whether it's putting on a party, completing a bunch of chores around the house or getting that presentation to the boss on time.

It doesn't have to be a nail biter!


Read on.


Where have you heard these words before?

Dale Carnegie? Napoleon Hill?

If you are an MLMer – you know what I mean!

Any party or get-together requires some basic planning. Forget the fine points until you master the 4WH program.

Oh yes, you heard of it. Maybe way back in school, but I guarantee you have heard it.

Ask any newspaper reporter.

4WH: What, When, Where, Why and How.

Go ahead, try it.

Plug 4WH into any party you are planning. What am I planning? When is it? Where is it? Why am I doing this? And How am I going to pull this off.

Then look at types of food and partyware. Is there a theme?

Use the 4WH program for each item.

With a little stick-to-it you can become a pro!



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