Potted Herb Party Centerpieces

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How can I use live plants to decorate my table instead of cut flowers?

Potted Herb Party Centerpieces

Check out your local garden center before the flower shop. Living plants can often be cheaper in the long run. And check this out - no last minute running around, you can pick them up a few days before the party, and they can double as your party favor. The possibilities for enhancing your parties theme with live plants is endless. Mediterranean style food outdoors on the terrace by candlelight? Stagger groupings of different size pots of assorted herbs such as rosemary, thyme, dill, basil, and mint down the center of the table. Alternatively, (and to save even more money!) buy the smallest herb plants you can find, pot them in tiny teracotta pots and cluster them on all three levels of a tiered cake stand in the center of the table.



1/3/2009 9:26:35 AM
Natasha said:

How do you ensure that the herbs do not get the table dirty? Can you plug the hole in the bottom of the pot?

If you want to plug the hole at the bottom of the pot, that is possible but you will need to take caution not to over water your herbs or they will drown.

It is possible to purchase clear pot protectors at a gardening store that are meant to sit under the pot and prevent water from damaging your table top and table linens. They are not very expensive and are well worth the investment if you are concerned.


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