Party Centerpieces

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Do you have some tips for quick and easy flower centerpieces?

Party Centerpieces

For a dramatic effect, use all one kind and color of flower, e.g. voluptuous cream roses or midnight purple tulips, and matching containers down the center of the table. What could be easier? No arranging necessary! No green foam! Cut all the stems to the same length, gather an appropriate number of blooms in your hand for your selected container, keeping your one hand tight around the stems, use your other hand to tug down on the stems of the outside flowers to create a domed shape to the arrangement, then trim the stems again to the same length, check out your creation at arms length for neatness, then carefully work your bouquet into your container. Repeat.

If you are feeling a little more creative, but still want a type of arrangement that is very forgiving, chose a variety of flowers and containers, but keep them all in the same color or color range. A monotone look is always sophisticated and this way you don't have to worry so much about balancing the color in the arrangement while accomodating various flower sizes and lengths.



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