Halloween Costume Ideas

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What can I wear for Halloween? Halloween costumes

Halloween Costume Ideas

What You'll need:

Large, heavy duty paper bag (leaf bags work good)
Hot glue gun
Brown spray paint
Bag from local grocery store
Wide brimmed straw sun hat
Neutral-colored shirt
Empty food boxes and containers such as soda pop bottles, cereal boxes, jello boxes, candy bags, candy wrappers....

1. Spray paint the entire surface of the paper bag brown.
2. Cut the front of a local grocery store bag (with logo) and hot glue to the front of your bag.
3. Hot glue empty boxes and other food containers to the top of the bag (where shoulders will be).
4. Glue smaller containers to a wide brimmed straw sun hat.
5. Wear a neutral colored shirt with this costume.



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