Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

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What can I wear for Halloween? Halloween costumes

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

What you'll need:

Large heavy duty-bag (paper leaf/outdoor recycle bag is good)
Hot glue gun
White spray paint
Red acrylic paint
Blue acrylic paint
Baseball cap
Aluminum foil
Red shirt

1. Cut holes for arms and head in the paper bag, then cut a neat edge on bottom of bag.
2. Spray paint the entire bag white and allow to dry thoroughly. Paint wide horizontal stripes with red acrylic paint. When the paint is dry, sketch lettering on the bag in the front to say Popcorn. Paint the sketched letters with blue acrylic paint. You can also put popcorn in a circle like the old time popcorn bags.
3. Cover a baseball hat with aluminum foil, scrunching foil around the hat to create a pleasing shape. Hot glue popcorn over the entire surface of the hat and to the top of the popcorn bag.
4. Wear a red shirt with this costume.



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