Bubble Bath Halloween Costume Ideas

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Bubble Bath Halloween Costume Ideas

What You'll Need:

35, 9-inch round white balloons
Small safety pins, one for each balloon
White long-sleeved shirt
White pants
Bath cap, rubber ducky, scrub brush

1. Blow up balloons. You will need enough to cover the front of shirt and arms, or about 354 balloons; the exact number depends on the size of the balloons. DO NOT cover the back of the shirt with balloons, otherwise you will not be able to sit down.
2. Using small safety pins, attach the knotted ends of the ballons to the white shirt, making sure the entire surfaces of the shirt and sleeves are covered. Do not wear shirt while you are doing this; it is highly recommended that you take shirt to party, then put it on over what you are wearing, as it is easy to pop the balloons.
3. Tape a rubber ducky to a balloon in front, wear a shower cap or wrap your hair in a towel and carry a scrub brush for added effect.



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