Halloween Party Games - Old Dead Joe's Cave

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Halloween Party Games - Old Dead Joe's Cave

Old Dead Joe's Cave

Set up a darkened room ahead of time and place "Old Dead Joe's body parts" in bowls around the room. Here's how to make the body parts:

Guts - Fill a large bowl with wet, slimy noodles
Eyes - Put two large grapes in a small shallow bowl of water.
Teeth - Fill a metal pot or bowl with small rocks or candy corn
Hair - Set a wig on a wig stand
Tongue - Place a piece of raw liver in a bowl of warm water
Bones - Use old steak bones or any kind of bones
Ears - Use two large leaves of an artichoke with the sharp tips cut off
Nose - Use a raw potatoes carved into the shape of a nose
Blood - Fill a crock pot with warm tomato juice

1. Blindfold the children who are brave enough to enter the "cave". Holding a flashlight, lead them one at a time from bowl to bowl, telling them which body part is there and asking them to dip their hands into it.
2. The rest of the children sit quietly and listen intently to the screams and squeals of the children being led through the cave.
3. Have a towel ready to wrap around each child's hands after he or she has dipped them into the fake blood. As you exit, keep up the act, saying, "Hurry, Steven, let's wash the blood off in the sink," or "Don't let the blood drip on the floor," etc.



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