Planning Parties - Spooky Halloween Game

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What are some spooky Halloween games I can play at parties?

Planning Parties - Spooky Halloween Game


What you'll need:
24 index cards, 3 X 5
watch with a second hand

1. Write one word on each index card from the following list:
Dracula, Frankenstein, wolfman, witch, warlock, stranger, boy, old woman, girl, countryside, haunted house, graveyard, castle, slingshot, stick, shovel, rope, car, money, computer jewelry, robbery, attack, accident, lies.
2. Shuffle the cards.

How to Play:
1. Choose a leader to pick 6 cards and turn them face up on a flat surface.
2. When everyone has had a chance to see the cards, the leader begins timing. Everyone has one minute to think of a tale using as many of the words in the list as possible.
3. When the time is up, the players tell their tales. The leader keeps score and gives 1 point for each word from the list included and 1 point for the best story.
4. A new leader then reshuffles the cards. The game is repeated until everyone has a chance to be leader.
5. The player with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the last leader removes Dracula and another card from the stack, scrambles them,and offers them face down to the players. The one who picks Dracula is the winner.



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