Halloween Party Themes - Haunted Forest

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Halloween party?

Halloween Party Themes - Haunted Forest

Why a Halloween party theme? Because it helps you focus your decorations, food, costumes and pull everything together. Think of a theme you're comfortable with and decide how much work you want to put into your party. For my party this year I'm going to have to start decorating after Labor Day. I like to decorate the whole house...every room except the play room, basement and the two bedrooms, the foyer, the mud room, the porch and the entire front yard.

You don't have to decorate your whole hoouse as it is a lot of work. You can still have a great party by decorating only the areas where the party will take place. My whole house becomes the party zone so that's why I do it all.

Here's my theme for this year. I'll be adding other themes in the next few weeks.

Haunted Forest - Get or make spooky tree murals, add ivy and dim lighting to ceiling, add a gate to your entrance. As part of my Haunted Forest Theme I'm decorating the whole house. The kitchen will become Spider Cafe. The Living Room/Dining Room will become the Witches Coven.

Decorations I'm plannig include different items I've found on Ebay including Witches magazine, for Spider Cafe I'll be creating a menu to post on the wall. They'll be bead curtains to enter to and from the kitchen (where the food/drink/appetizers will be). I'll add hanging spiders in that area.

A hallway will be haunted forest walkway...I'll be adding murals, ivy to the ceilings, spooky moons on the wall, spooky lighting. I'm also going to put spanish moss or tissue grass mats on the floor for a nice crunch. I'm also going to make 3-D branches coming out of the ceiling and walls (using paper and cardboard) to simulate trees. Ghosts will hang in the trees.



9/29/2009 1:45:19 PM
maddie said:

I think that is a good idea. I need to do something just like that but in a basement. The basement is pretty big normally people are just in the living room, extra kitchen, bathroom, lounge/game room,and workout room. I don't know how to decorate all of that for a good budget last year it was 100 dollars for each room so i still have some decoration but i want it to be better this year. Do you think covering wall up with black sheets and having red paint drip down from top is a good idea and then cover windows with white sheets and having kids draw pumpkins on them is okay, i would also behaving streamers down from door areas and bats and ghost on top of ceiling hanging down and have pumpkins in kitchen but i need more decoration ideas, do you have any??

Maddie~ as you invest in Halloween decorations each year, try to purchase items that can be stored and used again each year. This allows you to invest in quality products each year and build upon your overall supply. Instead of buying black sheets to paint, why not invest in the "scene setter" plastic sheeting that you can putchase at party stores. Secure without damaging and re-use each year, adding to your supply as you go. This will create the atmosphere you want without having to spend new money each year for the same effect. Invest in your decorations rather than throwing your money away once the party is over.


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