Party Decoration Ideas - Easy Outside Illumination

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What can I do to add illumination to an outdoor party?

Party Decoration Ideas - Easy Outside Illumination

To illuminate an evening gathering, turn cans destined for the recycling bin into hanging lanterns. Peel off labels, fill with water and freeze overnight; the ice will help the cans keep their shape while you make holes in the sides for candlelight to shine through.

On a 2-inch-wide piece of masking tape, sketch a simple repeating design. Wrap around can. Following pattern, lightly pound nails through can. Remove and discard the ice. Form 16-gauge wire into a handle with U-shape at each end. Make two more holes, one across from the other under top rim, attach handle, and place votives inside.

Terra-cotta pots can make your table setting shine. Use silver acrylic paint to coat the insides and top rims of 3-inch pots, allow to dry and place votives inside.



6/24/2011 9:57:02 PM
sappledadpple said:

Great tip, I tried this and it really works. In the dark these candles are quite enchanting!
Keep up the good work.


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