Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas 6th Year

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What can I give for a 6th year anniversary gift?

Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas 6th Year

6th Year: Candy/Iron

Ideas: Box of candy, candy gift basket, golf club, iron pot or tea kettle, an iron



11/26/2007 12:44:03 PM
Irene said:

We are planning to remarry after 6 years of civil wedded bliss. This time we want it officiated by our pastor or church wedding. Since we want it held on our 6th wedding anniversary-what ideas can you suggest for decors, souvenirs, colors, gems to use, etc?

The tradtional gifts for a sixth wedding anniversary are candy or iron. The modern gift ideas would be something in wood. Perhaps you would like to host a "green" wedding, offering small cedar trees in tiny pots as a wedding favor or purchasing specialized M & M's as a favor gift for your guests. Color schemes are very personal and should reflect the personal style of you and your spouse; use your color scheme as a spring board for you overall theme. If you have further questions, please add to the post so I can assist you further.


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