Party Dessert Recipes - Marshmallow Bunnies

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What´s a good dessert for an Easter Party

Party Dessert Recipes - Marshmallow Bunnies

Marshmallow Bunnies dessert for parties

This is a cute idea for an Easter party treat.

5 large marshmallows
1 8-inch piece of shoestring licorice, ribbon or string
10 miniature marshmallows
2 tbsp canned white frosting
Assorted candies for decorating

1. Stack 2 large marshmallows, securing with some frosting, for each bunny. Tie licorice, ribbon or string around middle of each marshmallow to separate head and body sections of bunny.

2. Cut remaining large marshmallow into quarters lengthwise; using frosting attach 2 quarters for ears to each bunny head.

3. Attach 4 miniature marshmallows for bunny paws and 1 for cottontail to each bunny with remaining frosting. Use assorted candies to make faces. Let dry.



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