Kids Christmas Party Ideas

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What is a unique party theme for kids?

Kids Christmas Party Ideas

Slow down from the Christmas rush and throw your kids a Santa Sunday party for an excellent kids Christmas party idea. It's a great way for you to relax and let your kids have some fun in anticipation of Christmas. Here's how it works:

*Keep it to less than five kids.

*Have your childrens Christmas party at least two weeks before Christmas.

*Your house is already decorated for Christmas, so you don't have to add any other decorations if you don't want to.

*Invite a friend, neighbor or relative to be a Santa's Elf. The elf delivers special pre-Christmas gifts (under $10) to each child. If no one volunteers, then have the elf leave a bag of gifts outside your front door before the kids arrive so they can discover it.

*Kids party food ideas include finger sandwiches, chips and dip and ice cream novelties.

*Kids party invitations could be hand printed on red paper and mailed in green envelopes or vice-a-versa.

*Kids party favors ideas: stuff a small Christmas stocking with candy.

*Play pin the nose on the reindeer (draw your own reindeer on poster board and cut out circles from red construction paper for the nose) and give a box of animal crackers as the prize.



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