Haunted Halloween Walk for Kids

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I'm planning a halloween party, outside for 3rd grade kids--any special ideas for making a haunted forest walk actually in the forest?

Haunted Halloween Walk for Kids

Kids love Halloween and what better way to get in the spirit than to plan a few creepy outdoor activities. When planning a walk through the forest, take into consideration the age of the children. Younger children should have glow sticks to carry (if the walk takes place in the twilight or early evening), and they should have a safe, clean path to walk on. Steer children clear of any exposed tree roots, large rocks, or anything that could cause injury. Take the walk yourself, before the big event, so that you can strategically place markers to guide the way. Plant a tape recorder with ghostly music somewhere along the path! Make ghosts out of bedsheets and drape them over branches! Have friends patrol the path wearing Halloween costumes. The unsuspected kids will have a little scare and a laugh along the way. Make sure to promise them a reward for making it through the Haunted Forest! Having ghostly treats awaiting them will make it all worthwhile.



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