Adult Party Games

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What are some adult party games on the market?

Adult Party Games

If you are hosting a racy adult party and want some racy adult party games to go with it, there are companies who have designed adult games after some tried and true favorites. For example, there is "naughty" truth or dare, "sexy" charades and Jenga truth or dare.

Other sexy adult party games on the market include:

Sex Drive Game: players answer questions about sex and sculpt, draw or act out sexual knowledge. Game categories include women's issues, men's issues, true or false, sexual myths and kinky practices.

Vulgarville: filled with naughty cartoons and dirty jokes. Your goal is to become the town's mayor by bribing, stealing and back stabbing as you race to accumulate votes. When you encounter vulgarity in Vulgarville, you accumulate votes; nice things make you lose votes. You win once you get 30 votes and survive other's attempts to drag you down.

Erotic 4 Real: cards ask couples questions about morality, lust and emotions. A person answers for his/her mate and the partner determines if the answer was indeed correct. This is a "How well do you know each other?" game. However, the questions get extremely personal as the game progresses. You're not talking about your favorite song here!



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