Inexpensive Toys That Are Great For Goody Bags

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What can I put in goody bags for my children's party besides candy?

Inexpensive Toys That Are Great For Goody Bags

If you are looking for something other than party candy to stuff into the goody bags at your children's party, there are plenty of small inexpensive toys on the market that kids love. Whether you are browsing through a bricks-and-mortar store such as a dollar store or an online party supplies store, look for such goody bag gems as wooden pick up sticks, character pop-ups, laser tops, spinning tops, bendable animals and other figurines, goofy teeth, stickers, play money, silly straws, fun plastic sunglasses in different shapes, mini jars of bubbles, yo-yos, costume jewelry and tiny water guns. You can find many of these items in a local dollar store as well. These are all treats your small children and his/her friends will enjoy playing with. And, best of all, providing your child's friends with goodies won't break your bank!



1/4/2008 7:27:44 AM
Lucy Brindley said:

Try Little Cherry for a great range of eco-friendly goody bag gifts and traditional wooden toys!


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