A Survey Can Help You Plan a Company Holiday Party

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How can I throw the company holiday party everyone wants?

A Survey Can Help You Plan a Company Holiday Party

There are some important factors to consider if you want to throw a company party. First off, do the employees even want one?

After all, a party isn't a party if no one attends. Experts suggest circulating a survey to get a feel for what suits your office best in the way of a holiday party. Here are some items that should be on the survey.

  • Would they like a company Christmas party or holiday party?
  • When is it most convenient for them? During a workday? On a weekend evening?
  • Would they prefer an employees-only gathering or should spouses/dates be invited? For some an evening out with a spouse is a delightful and romantic idea; for others it's a frantic scramble to find a date or a babysitter.
Please note that you aren't going to have agreement between everyone on this survey. So simply let the majority rule.



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