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Question 1

What is the most popular grilled food?

Hot Dogs
According to a poll from Weber grills, steaks are the most frequently and most popular grilled food.

Question 2

How can you keep bugs from annoying your guests?

Politely ask the bugs to stay away the day of your party
Place citronella tiki torches around the party area and candles on tables
Set up a special table just for the bugs
Have guests spray bug spray on themselves before going outside
Citronella tiki torches and table candles are really the best for keeping bugs at bay. Just remember to put the torches far enough away so the smoke doesn´t enter the party area.

Question 3

What is the best drink for a hot summer day party?

A nice cold beer
soda pop
Lemonade is the best drink for a really hot day. It´s refreshing and rehydrates. Alcohol effects intensify when it´s hot out and you can actually pass out from a couple of beers on a hot day. Soda pop, while tasty and refreshing, makes you more thirsty because of the sugar.

Question 4

In potato salad, which ingredient causes spoilage if left out too long?

Think it was mayonnaise? Nope. According to Good Housekeeping mayo has a clean record. The real culprit is the potatoes. When mishandled (left unrefrigerated too long, or prepared with hands or utensils that have not been washed properly), they can encourage bacterial growth, even if dressed with mayo.

Question 5

During your outdoor bash, it starts raining. You should:

Stay outside and let the guest sing in the rain
Send everyone home
Didn´t you have a plan B?
Whenever you´re planning an outdoor event, always have a plan B. This might include moving the party indoors, making arrangments with a local club or bowling alley or rent a tent to keep the rain away. Or, you can check the weather the day before and if it´s going to be really bad, cancel the party. You can also put an alternative date on the party invitation. Just make sure you call everyone the day of the party to let them know the party will be moved to the alternate day.

Question 6

How long can food stay outdoors before it starts spoiling?

1 hour
30 minutes
2 hours
If left out on a party table food begins spoiling after 1 hour. Make sure you have containers to put in food that will keep it from spoiling. Cold food should go in coolers filled with ice and hot food can go in coolers without ice.

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