Entertaining Party Ideas - Less Is Best

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What are some ways I can cut costs?

Entertaining Party Ideas - Less Is Best

This holiday has become one of excess. Take a step back and simplify - Here's a couple of tips on make the most with less.
1. Cut the guest list - Only invite those you want to - instead of have to.
2. Only serve Beer, Wine & Champagne (and maybe a punch bowl) No need for a bartender.
3. It is not in poor taste to ask each guest to BYOB you provide the ice and mixers.
4. It is not in poor taste to ask each guest to BYO(appetizer) you provide the bar set-up (nice for a wine tasting event)
5. Simplify your menu - serve the foods that are proven winners - don't be experimental.
6. Make a budget and stick with it!!! The real reason to have a party is not to go in the hole - but to have fun. You won't be smiling in January when your credit card bill arrives if you spent too much on one night of fun.
7. Candles and white X-mas lights are a simple and affordable way to make any home glow for the holidays.



11/29/2011 11:58:13 PM
Athelia Eimeleaux said:

Thank you so MUCH!

Armed with these Party Ideas there will definitely be "less" annoying party-goers to deal with! And that is BEST!!!

The candle idea ROCKS! It reminds me of when I was young! But with the uncontrolled influx inherent in "BYOB" of spirits, and potions, and who-knowz-itz all exacting a toll, I hope the house doesn't burn down as my insurance has lapsed!
Here's too Frugality in the New Economy!




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