Halloween Scavenger Hunts

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Halloween games

Halloween Scavenger Hunts

What You'll Need:
pencils; orange, black and white construction paper;scissors and 3 flashlights

1. Draw the outlines of five small pumpkins on the orange paper, five cats on the black paper and five ghosts on the white paper. Cut out each shape.
2. One person hides each of the cut-out pictures in different parts of the house
3. Turn out the lights, and have the other players use flashlights to find the pumpkins, cats and ghosts
4. At the end of the game, count how many of each shape the players have found. Cats are worth 5 points, ghosts are worth 10 points and pumpkins are worth 25 points. The player with the highest score wins a prize and hides the objects for the next round.



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