Party Activities for Teens - Make Me Laugh

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What´s a good party game?

Party Activities for Teens - Make Me Laugh

Have kids sit around in a circle so everyone can see each other. The first person turns to the person to their left and says, "Baby if you Love Me Give Me a Kiss" using all the facial expressions he or she can muster.

The object of the game is to make the other person laugh. Once the person laughs, then that person gets to try on the person to their left.

If you want a winner, it could be the person who doesn't laugh.

Prizes could include a makeup set for a girl's party and a $5 gift certificate to Blockbuster or a music store for a boy's party.



8/6/2011 9:32:43 PM
bobby said:

it is a great game i had so much fun and it makes the boys crack


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