Baby Shower Party Games - Guess the Baby Food

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Baby Shower Party Games - Guess the Baby Food

This is a fun game and simple game, especially for a smaller group. Plus, it´s an extra gift for the mom-to-be. *Purchase about 5 - 8 small bottles of different baby food. The orange foods are best because they´re confusing...sweet potatoes, apricots,etc. *Using white paper, cut a large enough strip to cover the label on the bottle. Make sure you can see the food inside the bottle. *Write Mystery Food #1, etc. on each bottle. *Put the bottles in a basket and have each guest choose a bottle. *Go around the room and have each guest try to guess what food the mystery bottle is. Those guessing right, get a prize. (Don´t worry -- it´s harder to guess than you think!) *At the end of the game, give the baby food basket to the mom-to-be. Be sure to keep the baby food jars closed and sealed so that the new mom will be able to use the foods later.



9/23/2008 8:06:01 PM
Bel said:

I played this game at my shower and it was a hoot. Here's one suggestion, don't give the basket to the mom. Who wants open baby food jars? YUCK!


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