Low Cost Party Favors Your Guests Will Love

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Low Cost Party Favors Your Guests Will Love

In recent years, birthday parties have gone to the extreme. Gone are the days of simply offering cake and ice cream along with a few fun games. Face it! Kids expect to take home a bag of goodies in exchange for the gift they brought to the party. While this custom has actually grown to such proportion that often times the “goodie” is more expensive than the gift brought for the guest of honor. Let’s take a moment and come down to reality, goodie bags are simply an offering from the host to say “Thanks for coming to my party.” So be realistic and reasonable as you plan for your goodie bags, don’t break the bank and invest your ego in what you send home with the kids.

Low-cost and fun party favors can often be found at the local dollar store:

light sticks silly string

pencils sidewalk chalk

card games yo-yos

erasers stickers

photos from the party

gliders coloring books

note pads magic tricks

arts and craft activities made at the party

thematic snacks and chocolate candies

When planning your birthday party theme, consider the inexpensive toys and treats that can be added to the goodie bag that are in alignment with your theme. This is a great way to create the gift bags you want and still remain on budget.



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