A Must-Have Holiday Tool, the "Running To-Do List"

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A Must-Have Holiday Tool, the "Running To-Do List"

Take a deep breath, now exhale and mentally prepare yourself for the hustle and bustle of the days ahead; Yes, it is true...the holiday season has arrived. This holiday season has a feel that is much different from those that have come before. With the economic crisis spreading out across the land, retailers are advertising Christmas decorations and gift ideas much earlier than before and consumers everywhere are responding by shopping earlier and following every budget saving gift idea advertised. With the financial crisis in the financial forefront, Consider this a warning, you do not want to find yourself scrambling at the middle of December for last minute shopping ideas and paying full price, when saving time and money is as easy as a "running to-do list".

The "Running To-Do List" is an excellent tool to keep your holidays organized, inexpensive and stress-free. When creating a to-do list, remember that simple is idealand keeping the list in your dayplanner or briefcase is best. If you are someone that enjoys using technology for your to-do lists, make sure that once you create your list, you are able to transfer it to your cell phone, personal organizer or make a hard copy to carry in your pocket or handbook. The most important part of a running to-do list is that you keep it with you at all times. This list should have an ongoing list of items needed for purchase, decorations needs, gift ideas and other holiday demands; keeping a running list that combines all of your tasks in one place will make sure that you don't lose your to-do list or your mind.



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