Taking The Fear Out of Party Planning

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Taking The Fear Out of Party Planning

For many, the holiday season is a time filled with fear and confusion. With all the gift buying, menu planning and holiday events, trying to plan a holiday party seems overwhelming at best. But have no fear. This blog is going to be an asset to anyone who has never planned a party before or for the seasoned vetran. It is my intention to provide tips, suggetions, ideas and other helpful lifetips to ease the burden of party planning for any host.

I will provide detailed theme ideas, crafty "presentation" tools, serviceware ideas and key points in how to successfully throw a gala event for children and/or adults. The tips and ideas that you will find here will provide a solid foundation for everyone that is interested in hosting the smallest to the largest of parties.

Tip #1 - Do not overlook the power of organization when planning a party. Keeping lists, outlining party objectives and early planning are essential to any party planning task. Many people balk at the idea of planning a party six weeks in advance. Somehow they assume that your house must be covered with confetti and crepe paper during the six weeks of preparation, which is in fact untrue. Early party planning consist of gathering ideas, creating a guest list and deciding upon a theme for the event. The preliminary preparations are generally done on lists, which should all be stored in one place so as not to lose. I generally keep a file for each party that I plan, this file holds game ideas, menu items, guest list, theme of the party, a list of serviceware items for serving food and any other important details I might need for my party preparations. I also keep a running "to-do" list that I add and delete from as the party planning gets rolling. Keeping an ongoing list helps you to see what you have accomplished and one you have yet to get done. This list will be discussed in further detail later so that the true value can be appreciated.

In regards to your party specific file folder, this collection of information is the foundation for your event planning, so make sure your lists are detailed and focused on the needs of your party. Early preparation makes for an easy party to host, no more running around at the last minute trying to find something just as your guests are arriving.

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